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Rev. DaveFischer

This is the official announcement of an upcoming Memorial Service for one of the most important of our nation’s residents. He died recently of a slow and agonizing disease which took his health inch by inch.

I mourn him because there was a time when we took care of him because we knew that only he could raise our lives to the highest standards.

Some of you will know his name. Many others, according to their actions, never heard of him.

I am referring to Mr. Appropriate. You may recall that he was often present, especially when the day called for “dressing appropriately”. And, you may remember that he was constantly there to monitor our language so that we would not say things harmful to others and never speak in an obscene fashion. He was also most helpful in reminding us what was private conversation and what belonged in the public.

Cell phones have been a chief cause of his demise as more and more folks use them inappropriately, believing the world needs to know the intimate details of their lives. Also to blame is a serious decline in language use where even young ladies will publicly shout words which were once washed out of our mouths with soap. And, personal arrogance has supplied a killing blow, too, as more and more people demand the right to “dress as they please” regardless of the circumstances.

I could quickly recite other maladies which afflicted him but my column is one of mourning. How he died is not as important as his passing.

However, once in a while, I see faint signs of his return. Just this morning I was delighted when a seventh-grader at Herks revealed his acquaintance with him with “Yes, Sir” and “No, Sir” sprinkled liberally throughout his conversation with me.

Maybe there is hope for a resurrection of this most missed national standard keeper. Rev. David Fischer is the Pastor at First Christian Church in Lexington

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