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Vandals Leave Trail of Destruction

Vandals have been leaving a trail of destruction in Lexington, recently, and Mayor Robert Willrich wants it to stop. He is encouraging citizens to report any such activity immediately to the authorities.

“In the past two or three weeks, vandals have caused damage to several of the city’s properties, including the gazebo on the Square, the handicap bathrooms at the city’s park, and one of the welcome signs at the town’s entrance,” said Mayor Willrich. He continued, “Some of the damage may have been done by gang members.”

Mayor Willrich said graffiti was painted in the handicap restrooms at the park with gang tags on them. “They ripped the handrail off the wall and spray painted everything – the walls, the doors – everything. We couldn’t wipe it off. Everything had to be painted to cover their mess.”

He said that two weeks ago, he pulled up to his office in downtown Lexington, and found that someone had knocked an entire rail off one side of the gazebo. In addition to that, he said someone recently stole the lights that illuminated the city’s sign at the south entrance of the city, and just last weekend, someone ripped up a stop sign, pole, street sign and all, off of the corner of Giddings Street and 7th Street. The Lee County Sheriff’s Report in today’s paper indicates that a witness saw four young black males pull that particular sign pole up and throw it in the little cemetery next to the intersection.

“Someone has been stealing street signs for several months now, but they don’t usually rip the whole pole up too,” said Mayor Willrich. “Not only are people destroying city property, but they are disrespecting it as well. I went to the basketball courts in the park last week, and there were plastic bottles and trash everywhere. It is getting ridiculous. There are trash cans right there, but these kids are ignoring them and forcing our city employees to take time away from the important work they have to do in order to clean up someone else’s mess.”

Mayor Willrich encourages anyone who may witness destructive activity to city property to report it immediately.

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