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LISD to see Pay Increases

The Lexington ISD Board of Trustees voted Monday night, to give a 3% across the board pay increase for all teachers, administrators, and supporting staff.

Superintendent Dr. Frances McArthur recommended the salary increases for all employees. Additionally, she stated that LISD bus driver starting pay is significantly beneath surrounding districts. With her recommendation, bus drivers’ beginning salary would be bumped up to $11.00 per hour, and the beginning salary for grounds, custodial and cafeteria employees would reflect a starting pay of $7.50 per hour, up from $7.43, with twenty five cent step increases.

After much discussion, the board approved the teacher and employee salary schedules as presented, and a 3% raise for all administrators.

Much discussion took place about whether or not the three percent salary increase across the board would catch employees up after the salary freeze put in place due to the state budget reductions in the last biennium. Dr. McArthur said, “A three percent across the board salary increase gets almost all employees up to where they would have been had the district not had to put austerity measures in effect and freeze salaries two years ago.”

She said that pay increases are necessary to remain competitive with surrounding districts and to help all employees meet the rising costs of insurance. “Although we cannot afford to pay what most surrounding districts pay, we cannot continue to fall behind in salaries,” she said.

In other action, Lexington Middle School Library Renovations Project Change Order #1, for $19,286 regarding work revisions needed due to unknown conditions on the roof, was approved. Architect for the project, Greg Weiss said these problems were discovered when renovations began.

The minutes of the called meetings of May 20th and June 5th, and the regular meeting of May 20th were all approved, along with the board financial report and transfer students. All of the service contracts were approved for the 2013-2014 school year.

Debra Winkler, Staci Daniels, and Kendra Wolf were employed as teachers; Tina Woodward will be the high school librarian, and Jeff Rogers was employed as a teacher coach.

Dr. McArthur gave a brief report on summer school and recently released test scores. Lexington ISD students performed significantly higher than the state in twenty-five of the twenty-nine areas tested. Most notable were the dramatic gains at Lexington Middle School in every area tested at all grade levels and significant increase in science scores.

Dr. McArthur said, “Community members using the LISD track to exercise should be aware that extensive work will be done on the visitors’ bleachers of Eagle Stadium this summer. Recent drought conditions have caused our visitors’ bleachers to shift and they must be repaired for safety purposes. Walkers/runners should plan on entering the track through the north entrance by the parking lot, as the east gate will be locked. We want to encourage our community members to keep exercising, but please keep your children away from the area that will be cordoned off by orange construction fencing.”

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