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Burglars Smash Safe & Get Away with the Cash

Early Monday morning, Hildebrandt’s Meat Market in Lexington was broken into. The thieves searched the place, smashed the safe, took all the cash and checks in the safe, and were out in a matter of minutes.

Brad Hildebrandt said, “Our surveillance camera showed three black males enter the store, wearing gloves. They searched the first floor of the building, and found the safe, which had a laptop computer sitting on top of it. They set the computer aside, and, using a sledge hammer, a crow bar and a rock bar, destroyed the safe and took everything inside.”

Hildebrandt continued, “They cut our phone lines first, then they smashed the security light that was over the door on the south side, before using a crow bar to gain access.”

The Lexington Police Department was notified after the first employee arrived to work Monday morning, when the breakin was discovered. Captain Johnny Woolridge said that the surveillance tape indicated the break-in occurred at 2:30 in the morning, June 17.

Hildebrandt’s is located at the corner of Hwy 77 and FM 696 East, across the street from Herk’s Store and Grill.

Captain Woolridge said, “The burglars took an undisclosed amount of cash and we have no known suspects at this time. Anyone having any information about this or any other crime should call the police department immediately.”

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