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Cross Dresser Fools Clerk; Steals 26 Phones

A group of professional thieves made their mark in Giddings last week as they stole more than 25 smart phones from Wal-Mart on Friday, June 7. The Giddings Police Department was dispatched to Wal-Mart following a report that two individuals entered the store and stole in excess of $15,000 worth of merchandise.

Officer Dylan Owens said that the unidentified individuals entered the store in disguise, and shoplifted a total of 26 smart phones in a calculated manner.

The surveillance footage was reviewed by the officer, who said that a black female, wearing a gray ball cap, a white t-shirt and blue jeans entered the store, along with a black male, wearing a long female wig, a light green tank top shirt and white pants.

The male suspect, dressed in drag, distracted the electronics’ clerk by asking for help in the women’s personal apparel department. While the clerk assisted him, the female suspect emptied out the electronics counter housing the smart phones. She may have cut the glass in order to gain access to the lock, allowing her to access the inventory.

The surveillance video showed the two leave the store and enter a green sedan vehicle, driven by a third suspect.

Stolen were twelve Samsung phones ranging in value from $240 to $699 each, ten Apple iphones, ranging in value from $499 to $699 each, and four LG phones, ranging in value from $200 to $350 each.

Officers were able to recover some fingerprints off of the glass counter, but are not sure if they will help identify the culprits. The suspects have not been positively identified yet and the investigation continues.

Giddings Chief of Police, Dennis Rhoten, said, “They took the easy route when they left. They walked through the front door.”

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