2013-06-06 / Sports

Coaching Changes

by Mike Organ

Every year about this time, there are hundreds of coaches that move from school to school. Some leave by their own choice and some by the departing schools’ choice. Either way, you will see quite a few U-Hauls moving up and down the highway loaded with a family’s belongings.

Most assistant coaches move from school to school, looking for Utopia, but there is only one school in the state with that name. Some have made friends with head coaches at other schools; others coach and fill a needed teaching position. Many coaches change jobs in a package deal; their spouse will also get a job at the new school.

Coaches are eternal optimists about new jobs. “This is the best job I’ve ever had,” many are heard to say. Then an injury or disaster turns a promising season to a 1-9 or 2-8, and the U-Haul is parked in front of the coach’s house again.

Some have been asked to leave their school, and then go to another school where they are thought of as an athletic savior. Some coaches are meant to be in some places and others aren’t.

Lexington has been lucky with Jason Holcomb, Kirk Muhl, and Chris Koester forming a solid core of coaches. Yes, some have come and gone, but with the consistency of these men and Kellye Carter on the girls’ side, the athletes pretty well know what is expected of them.

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