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Man Air Lifted after being Run Over by His Own Truck

On Saturday, June 1, at approximately 7:15 in the evening, Deputy R.L. Carvin with the Lee County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to the Edgar Arldt property located at 4178 FM 2440, northwest of Giddings. The dispatcher had received a report regarding an unknown type of industrial accident. B & M Ambulance had already been dispatched and was on the scene.

Deputy Carvin was advised to go about a half mile north, behind the main house located at the roadway. At the scene, he saw EMT’s attending a white male, who was lying face down on the ground five feet west of the fence line.

The man was conscious, but had multiple abrasions and obvious injuries to his legs and back. He was able to give the Deputy his name, Dave Cavin, and the date of his birth, April 9, 1960. He also said he was staying with a larger work crew at the Ramada Inn in Giddings.

EMT’s advised the deputy that Starflight out of Austin had been dispatched to the scene in order to transport Cavin to Brackenridge Hospital in Austin.

Deputy Carvin assisted the B & M EMTs in placing Cavin on a backboard before placing him in the ambulance.

Edgar and his son, Steve, property owners, said they were baling hay in an adjacent pasture when they observed Cavin on their property in a white Chevy truck, at about 2:30 that afternoon. They told officers that Cavin worked for Clean Harbors Exploration and had been surveying for Seitel Inc., a geophysical service company for the oil and gas industry.

The Arldts said at about 4:15 p.m., they observed the truck several hundred feet down the north fence line, parked under a tree. They assumed Cavin had parked under the tree and was taking a break.

Almost three hours later, at about 7 p.m., Edgar and Steve noticed the truck still parked at the tree and they became concerned about Cavin. They drove in the direction of Cavin’s truck, but found Cavin on the ground several hundred feet away from his vehicle. That’s when they called the Sheriff’s office.

Steve drove to the location of the truck, which was about ΒΌ mile past Cavin and observed the truck still running and the gear shift in the drive position.

The driver side door was held open by a GPS pole, which was wedged between the driver door and the forward door frame, so that it could not close. Steve reached in and turned off the motor, but left the gear shift as he found it.

The truck had struck a medium sized tree on the left front bumper, which is what brought it to a halt.

Dave Cavin, who is from Ft. Worth, and is recovering at Brackenridge, suffered a dislocated ankle and a fractured pelvic bone, not to mention severe abrasions to his back and legs.

“It wasn’t near as bad as it could have been,” Cavin told the Leader. “I am so grateful to the farmers for coming to rescue me and for the ambulance people and the Sheriff’s Department.”

Cavin said the accident happened at about 1 o’clock in the afternoon, leaving him on the ground for more than 6 hours.

He continues to recuperate, undergoing occupational therapy in Austin.

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