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Congratulations to Lexington’s Eagle Seniors

By Mike Organ

As the Lexington coaching staff says good bye to this group of seniors, they realize they will be missing some critical leadership, as well as skill.

We will start with volleyball. Johna Alford was as dominating at the net as any Lady Eagle since Amanda Dowdy, who went on to a stellar career at Texas Tech and is now playing professional volleyball. Aleece Moerbe and Karley Wren were excellent compliments to Alford that will be gone next year, also. Coach Player had an excellent year this year going 13-1 in district play. Next year will be much more of a challenge for the Lady Eagles.

Football will be without Kogan Garrett at quarterback for the first time in three plus seasons, not counting his extensive playoff experience. Kogan was only the second signal caller to lead Lexington to a state championship game. Jason Washington was a great deep ball threat, who could score any time the football came near him, offensively or defensively. Jacob Warner was great at center this past season. He moved over from tackle and did not mess up a blind snap all season long. Chase Hibbeler provided size, a mean streak, and mobility at tackle that will be hard to replace. That is not to mention his place kicking that was good after the first three games when they got the kink out of his form. Tyler Meyer was a coach on the field for the defense. He knew what everyone was supposed to do and made sure they knew what to do before every snap. Logan Meuth was an excellent compliment to Washington. Meuth had exceptional speed that few recognized until the Rogers game. He was also in on a lot of defensive plays from a defensive back position. Meuth and Washington were District Co- MVPs as decided by coaches. Cash Flot was a godsend as he came over from Elgin his junior year and really produced for the Eagle offense this past season. Todd Glass was a returning allstate player that held up his part of the defense and played a little tight end this past season. Where would the Eagles have been without Mr. Reliable, Zach Lay? When others were not having a good game, the Eagles would go to Lay.

Basketball will be without Washington on the male side. He was truly exciting to watch on the court as he used his superior quickness and anticipation to steal the ball for easy scores. Lay was also reliable on the basketball court. How many driving, twisting lay ups did the young man make this season? Flot had springs in his shoes the way he jumped for rebounds. On the female side of basketball, who can forget watching gritty little Mackenzie Brown dribble through press after press, drive into the lane, only to get hammered for her efforts or to watch her drop a three from outside the arc. Andrea Plummer came to Lexington and was an immediate help to the basketball team. She played in every game and was the leading scorer in several. She contributed the height that Lexington sorely needed.

In track, Washington was the only running individual to advance to the regional meet. Flot, Meuth, and Washington were the senior members of the relay team that made the trip to Stephenville.

In baseball, Hibbeler, Meuth, Garrett, and Washington were the seniors participating. They all will be very hard to replace even though the JV was very good this season. The softball team will be without four-year starter Courtney Robertson and Brown. Robertson has been one of the ‘main’ players for the Lady Eagles the last four seasons. Her experience will be hard to replace. Brown has started in centerfield for the last three seasons. She played good defense and was continually on base offensively with her bunting and slap hitting.

Tennis will be without threeyear state tourney participant Mackenzie Brown. She is the only Lexington netter to qualify for state three years in a row.

As you can see, this group of seniors has been very successful in athletics all throughout high school. They will be missed, but that is the beauty of high school athletics, someone will step up to make the loss less traumatic.

Some seniors may have been left out; if so, it is only because of poor memory.

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