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Lexington Police Report

by Chief Clarence Yarbrough

May 13, 2013

Officer Nurse was dispatched to the 300 Blk of Ave G in reference to a verbal disturbance. Officer Nurse controlled the scene and deescalated the situation by calming all parties involved down. After a field investigation was done all parties were advised to leave the area and cease from any contact with one another. .

Cpt. Wooldridge took a report of a runaway in the 200 Blk of Cherry Dr., and all information was forwarded to the Lee County Sheriff’s Dept. to be entered into the system as a runaway. After a thorough search was conducted by the family and Cpt. Wooldridge; the runaway was finally located near the Lexington City Cemetery. The runaway was reunited with his parents and removed from the system as a runaway.

May 15, 2013

Cpt. Wooldridge met with a complainant at the Lexington Police Department who advised they resided in the 600 Blk of Wells St. and they wanted their neighbor to stop harassing them. The complaint involved an item being left at the wrong house by UPS. Contact was made with the subject accused of harassing the neighbor and they were advised the harassment needed to cease or criminal charges could be filed against them. The subject stated the harassment would stop. No charges were filed, but a report was taken.

May 16, 2013

Cpt. Wooldridge took a report of an Assault with Injury that occurred at the Lexington High School. The assault included two juveniles being involved in a physical altercation. This case is currently under investigation, with criminal charges pending.

Officer Nurse attempted to serve Civil papers on a female subject, but was unable to locate the subject who has moved.

Officer Nurse, while on patrol, gave two female subjects a courtesy ride to their residence due to it being dark outside.

May 17, 2013

Officer Sandoval was dispatched to Dickson and Ave G in reference to a loud noise complaint. Officer Sandoval made contact with the subject who was playing the loud music. After speaking with the subject, the music was turned off for the night.

May 18, 2013

Officer Nurse met with a complainant at the Lexington Police Department. The complainant advised their property was stolen and would like to make a report. Officer Nurse was able to gather the necessary information to complete the stolen property report and an investigation into the location of the stolen property was initiated.

May 19, 2013

Officer Sandoval was advised of a gas drive off at the CEFCO Store. Officer Sandoval located the car on Hwy 77 S. After an investigation was conducted, it was discovered the CEFCO system had a delay in obtaining the payment information. Therefore, it appeared to be a gas drive-off. The subject did pay for the gas and no offense of theft was committed.

Officer Sandoval was dispatched to a loud music call on Douglas St. Upon arrival, it was discovered there was a party taking place. Officer Sandoval spoke with the person in charge of the party and advised them to lower the music. After speaking with the subject in charge, they advised they would have the DJ turn the music down. Periodic checks were conducted at this residence, ensuring the music remained at a tolerable level. No further loud music complaints were received at this address.

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