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Walmart Name Used in E-Mail Scam

There have been e-mails received by local residents recently that seem to tell them of significant sized purchases made in their name and being sent to some other address, usually out of State. This appears on the face of it to be a legitimate notification, including have an order number.

But it is a scam. A call to Walmart’s Customer Service Number, 1- 800-walmart (1-800-925-6278) will reveal that Walmart is aware of the scam, and that any recipient of one of these e-mails should do absolutely NOTHING - especially, they should NOT respond to the email in any way.

The recorded phone message from Walmart indicates that Walmart believes this is a phishing scam. Whether this is an attempt to corrupt the receiving computer, steal from the computer personal and private information, or for some other purpose, is unclear. Regardless of the purpose, Walmart makes it quite clear that the e-mail is not from Walmart, and they point out that the sending address has two l’s in the name and is not an address that Walmart uses.

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