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Commissioners’ Court

The May 13, 2013 meeting of the Lee County Commissioners’ Court was devoted mostly to routine matters. Among the items covered were approval of the County Auditor’s Certification of the amounts received from recent Insurance Claims, Precinct 3 Vandalism, claims for two separate Crown Victoria automobiles, and an Insurance Claim for the Precinct 3 Building hail damage. They also approved accepting excess Appraisal District funds.

In addition, the Commissioners approved the Lee County Treasurer’s Report of April 30, 2013. The Court also accepted a Proposal for Mold Assessment from Baer Engineering to study and determine the source and cause of the mold that has been plaguing the Lee County Law Enforcement Center. There is considerable concern about this mold infestation, with no clearly identified cause. Whether or not the mold is originating through the floor or from some other source, how to treat it will be the focus of this $3,000 assessment.

The Commissioners also approved a change to the requirements to be met by people who want to purchase property at tax foreclosure sales. The new requirement is that the person involved must have no delinquent taxes with the County in order to be eligible to buy the property.

Another item approved was to support a Request for Proposals for replacement for the existing software used by the Lee County Tax Office. It was noted that the current software is over 20 years old and that support for the software will soon be unavailable. The current program does not support automatic transfer of data between the Appraisal District system and the Tax Office system, which has caused much confusion, errors, and duplication of effort over the years.

The Commissioners agreed to an Interlocal Agreement between the Lee County Firefighters Association and the County, allowing the firefighters to improve communications by relocating some antennas on a County communications tower.

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