2013-05-09 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

The Lexington Athletic Association will hold its annual sports banquet Monday, May 13th. At the affair, coaches will honor players who have been judged the best in their sport. Not everyone will agree with the selections, but before you say a word, consider how many people would be upset with the choices you would make.

The UT baseball program has hit rock bottom, the last place team in the, get this, nine team Big XII. Only eight teams make the conference tourney. Guess who is out?

Texas A&M revealed plans to update Kyle Field to seat 102,000 people at a cost of almost a half a billion dollars. To add the additional 20,000 seats, how long will it take at $100 a ticket to recoup the $500,000,000? 20,000 x 100 = $2,000,000x5homegames= $10,000,000. The resulting equation says it will take 50 years. If they have more home games a season, they could take a couple of years off the total. Is football worth it?

The baseball experts are right about the Astros. They are the worst team in baseball. They are striking out at a record pace, and the major league pitchers haven’t hit their stride yet.

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