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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

April 29, 2013

A caller requested a welfare check on a child that was reportedly not attending school. Deputy Rudolph went to the residence and spoke to the mother. The child had already left to go to school.

Deputy Crockett and Deputy Burns were dispatched to a call on CR 226 after a caller reported that her husband had his hand stuck in their garage door. A few minutes later the complainant called back and said to cancel EMS because he was finally able to get his hand out.

Deputy Rudolph met with a complainant at First National Bank after she reported that someone had used monies from their checking account. A report was taken and investigation continues at this time.

Several motorists reported a head-on collision at Hwy 21 @ FM 3403. Deputy Ledenbach, Deputy Crockett and Deputy Burns responded to assist with traffic control.

April 30, 2013

An anonymous caller reported that some dogs on N. Rockdale St. in Lexington had been barking continuously for 2 hours. Deputy Ledenbach went to the residence, but no one was home.

The Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 hang up call from a residence on PR 3162. Deputy Carvin checked out the residence and advised everything was ok.

A caller reported that she was feeling suicidal and had ingested some medication. Deputy Crockett and Deputy Burns responded to the call on Hwy 77 north, along with EMS.

May 1, 2013

A caller reported that someone was knocking on her bedroom window. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Ledenbach searched the house and property, but did not locate anyone.

A motorist reported that an 18- wheeler had a lot of smoke coming from inside its trailer. It was heading northbound on Hwy 77. Deputy Ray and Deputy Burns searched for the 18-wheeler to the county line.

Deputy Allen and Deputy Ledenbach were dispatched to a disturbance at the Town & Country Mobile Home Park. A neighbor reported hearing screaming and yelling. Everything checked out ok.

May 2, 2013

A motorist reported a vehicle broken down on Hwy 290 West near Hills. Deputy Ledenbach located the vehicle and spoke to the driver who advised that he ran out of gas, but had help on the way.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to CR 133 near CR 116 to put up some cows that were out on the roadway.

Several motorists reported cows out on Hwy 290 West. Deputy Jirasek located the cows and ran them off the highway into a pasture.

Deputy Jirasek spoke to a complainant who advised thar his neighbor threatened him. A report was taken, but no charges were filed at this time.

A motorist reported that a man was attempting to flag motorists down on Hwy 290 and he was standing too close to the roadway. Deputy Ray advised the subject must have gotten a ride because he drove all the way to the Bastrop County line and did not locate the subject.

A caller reported that someone was driving a backhoe in the ditch on FM 2440 approx 2 miles out of Giddings. The caller advised it was dark and the backhoe had no lights. Deputy Allen was dispatched to the call and advised the backhoe had pulled into private property on FM 2440.

May 3, 2013

Deputy Allen was dispatched to a residence on Hwy 77 South after a caller reported that a man at her house was arguing with her. The caller was referred to a JP. There were no threats made and no physical violence. They are common law married and will have to see a Judge to settle the civil matter.

A caller reported that an entire herd of cattle was out on FM 696 West near CR 305. Deputy Ray was dispatched to the scene and he was able to locate and notify the owner.

A concerned citizen reported that there was a white unmarked box van driving around the 1800 block of CR 309. Deputy Ray located the vehicle and identified all the occupants. They were contracted to install insulation in a house on CR 309, but were having trouble locating the residence. The story was verified and everything was ok.

Deputy Ledenbach took a report from a resident on CR 430 in Dime Box. He reported that his license plate was missing from his vehicle. The license plate was entered into the NCIC computer as stolen.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call advising of a family disturbance on CR 125. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Ledenbach were dispatched. Deputy Carvin gave a courtesy ride to a female and her 5 children.

A resident on CR C reported that they had been out of town and returned to find a window broken. Deputy Ledenbach met with them and took a burglary report. Investigation continues on this case.

May 4, 2013

Deputy Burns and Deputy Crockett were dispatched to speak to a complainant on CR 307. A theft report was taken and stolen property was entered into the NCIC computer.

A resident on CR 118 reported that three males were walking on his property without permission. Deputy Burns and Deputy Crockett spoke to the complainant and all was ok.

A caller reported that a male subject hit him. Deputy Crockett and Deputy Burns spoke to both parties involved. One subject was issued a citation for Class C Assault.

A motorist reported 2 cows out on CR 111. Deputy Ledenbach responded to the call and removed them from the roadway.

May 5, 2013

Deputy Ray, Deputy Crockett and Deputy Burns searched for a black Maxima that was reported to be speeding and passing vehicles in the oncoming traffic lane on Hwy 77 South near the county line.

Deputy Burns and Deputy Crockett took a report for a gas drive-off at Walch store.

Caller stated that there was an unrestrained child in the front seat of a car on Hwy 290. Deputy Ledenbach was unable to locate the vehicle.

Deputy Ledenbach ran some cattle off CR 133.

Cows were reported out on CR 223; Deputy Carvin ran them into a pasture.

Deputy Carvin was unable to locate some cows reported out on FM 141.

Jail Report

The Lee County Jail had 1718 inmate jail days in population and 86 inmate jail days in holding and the Lee County Dispatchers received 284 calls for service for the month of April.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day.


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