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Maintenance Outage Topics Among Updates at Luminant CAP Meeting

Both Steve Parker, Luminant Generation Director, and Curt Lightle, Mine Director, started their updates with a report on worker safety. As of April 8, mine workers had worked 189 days without an injury requiring a doctor’s intervention. The power plant has worked for one year without an injury as defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

A major maintenance outage is taking place from February 28 – May 29 at the Sandow power plants. While the power plant is offline, the mine is building an inventory of coal and doing maintenance on one dragline, then the other.

An additional 1150 contractors are working at the site for this every-three-year effort to make the power plants more reliable and efficient. The influx of contractors brings income to local businesses that cater to needs such as food and housing, as well as to local machine shops.

Work began in Sandow Power Plant Unit 4, which is 31 years old. The areas and processes where work is occurring include the turbine, control system, boiler, air pre-heater, precipitator hopper, Selective Catalytic Reduction, and bottom ash removal. Work includes parts replacement, rebuilding, inspection, repairs, catalyst replacement, and so on. Large cranes are needed to lift parts as big as 36’ x 18’.

Luminant personnel also made reports or responded to additional questions on issues including mine inspections, mining location, reclamation, future demand, fiscal health, and environmental performance. A member discovered a noise recently heard near the crusher comes from filling a water truck when he heard the same noise during the meeting.

LCAP meets again on Monday, October 14 from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. Visitors are welcome. Details will be provided closer to the meeting date. For more information, contact LCAP facilitator Diane Sheridan at 800-484-9212 code 4127 or DBSheridan@aol.com.

Lexington area residents are also welcome to contact CAP member Margaret Newman at 979- 773-4184.

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