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Rev. DaveFischer

Any honest pastor will tell you that the Mother’s Day sermon is difficult.

Many have come expecting you to preach boldly from Proverbs 31, extolling the virtues of the good wife and excellent mother.

But, if that is all you do, you will be met at the door by at least one, if not more, parishioners with a simple question: “What about me?”

Their mother was not good, in fact, she was bad, sometimes evil, and often abandoned the task of motherhood altogether.

The experience of these persons needs to be honored. Their pain must be understood.

Yet, if they are included, some may come to the door with their question: “Why did you have to bring up all that other stuff?”

There is only one answer. Because it’s true, as true as your being blessed with a mother who followed the Biblical model.

Perhaps the best text would be “in all things God works for good”.

Sometimes it is through a loving mother, and sometimes it is through the healing gift of one who loved you enough to help bind up your wounds and live a good life anyway.

Rev. David Fischer is the Pastor at First Christian Church in Lexington

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