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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

April 15, 2013

A caller reported that her exhusband was at her residence and refused to leave. She has an active protective order out. Chief Deputy Lapham responded to the call. He advised no one was at the house when he arrived.

A motorist reported that a white truck, pulling a trailer on Hwy 77, was driving recklessly. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Jirasek searched the highway.

Deputy Jirasek spoke to a complainant that came to the Sheriff’s Office. She advised that she was having problems with her juvenile granddaughter. A report was taken for assault.

A complainant requested to make a report for identity theft. Deputy Jirasek took a statement and wrote a report.

Deputy Ray met with a complainant regarding her juvenile daughter having an argument with another girl on Facebook. The girl’s mom showed up at her residence, but she did not answer the door. They were not sure what her intentions were, but advised they did not want her on their property. Deputy Ray attempted to make contact with the mother so he could issue a Criminal Trespass Warning.

April 16, 2013

A motorist reported a deer carcass in the middle of the road on FM 696 West near PR 7010 in Lexington. Deputy Ray located it and removed it from the road.

ADT reported a residential burglar alarm in Dime Box. Deputy Carvin checked the residence and property, and found all to be secure. The homeowner was contacted.

A complainant reported that a red bull was out on PR 2901. Deputy Carvin located the bull and ran it down the road, away from the highway. The complainant said she would check and see if one of her neighbors owned the bull.

Deputy Ray responded to a request for assistance from the Giddings Police Dept. at a disturbance on South Polk Street.

April 17, 2013

Deputy Jirasek was dispatched to FM 696 E @ CR 406 in Lexington after a motorist reported goats out on the roadway.

A motorist reported a blue Chevrolet truck weaving on Hwy 77 South. The truck was heading towards Giddings. Deputy Jirasek located the truck and spoke to the driver. The driver was ok.

A complainant reported that a silver Dodge truck was stalled in the outside westbound lane of traffic on Hwy 290 West near CR 200. Deputy Jirasek located the truck and advised dispatch that it was off the road and the driver had contacted his boss. Help was on the way.

April 18, 2013

A resident on PR 7022 in Lexington reported that a woman knocked on her door and asked for help because her vehicle was broken down. Deputy Ledenbach located the woman and her vehicle. She was given a courtesy ride to her residence.

A motorist reported that a truck was pulled over on Hwy 290 near CR 237 and it appeared the driver was slumped over his steering wheel. Deputy Ray and EMS were dispatched, but reported that the driver was just sleeping.

A caller reported that one of the orange barrels in the construction zone at Hwy 21 @ Hwy 77 was knocked over in the lane of traffic. Deputy Crockett and Deputy Burns advised that the roadway was clear.

Deputy Crockett assisted at the scene of a one vehicle accident on FM 1697 near FM 180. DPS did the crash report.

Deputy Ayres met with a complainant on CR 329 in Lincoln in reference to some items that were missing. A theft report was made.

A resident reported a suspicious vehicle traveling up and down CR 113. The vehicle was last seen headed towards Hwy 21.

A motorist reported several cows out on CR 106 near Bluff Creek. Deputy Allen located the cattle and ran them into a pasture and the owner was notified.

Deputy Allen was dispatched to Hwy 21 West after several motorists reported that a piece of furniture fell out of a vehicle and broke in the roadway. The big pieces were removed from the roadway.

April 19, 2013

Deputy Carvin assisted at the scene of an accident on Hwy 21 @ CR 401 in Dime Box. One vehicle rolled on its side, but the caller advised there appeared not to be any injuries.

A caller reported an 18 wheeler broke down on Hwy 77 South. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Burns searched to the county line, but did not locate any vehicles on the side of the road.

Several callers reported cows out on Hwy 21 near PR 8026. Deputy Burns and Deputy Carvin got them off the roadway.

Deputy Ledenbach assisted probation at a residence on Hwy 77. He was going to remove an ankle monitor from a subject, but the subject was not home.

April 20, 2013

Deputy Rudolph met with a complainant on FM 696 East. The resident wanted to report a stolen item. A theft report was taken and investigation continues.

A complainant requested a deputy meet her on CR 200 because her husband was outside cutting trees and their neighbor came outside and was screaming at him. She stated that harsh words were exchanged and she just wanted it documented.

Deputy Crockett and Deputy Rudolph assisted Phillips & Luckey Funeral home with an escort from Hwy 77 to FM 1624.

A caller requested a civil stand by so she could get her daughter’s property out of the house. Deputy Ledenbach assisted.

A caller reported a disturbance at the trail ride. She stated that several people were hitting each other and there was lots of yelling. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Ledenbach responded to the call, but everyone involved had left the scene. Investigation continues at this time.

A caller reported that her boyfriend got mad at her and punched her in the face. Her eye was swelling shut, and she was having difficulty seeing. Dispatch received several other calls about the crowd getting out of control. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Ledenbach were dispatched to the call. They were assisted by Trooper Manner. The actor had left the area prior to officers’ arrival. A report was taken and charges were filed.

April 21, 2013

Deputy Ledenbach assisted Trooper Manner after he radioed in that he had a stolen vehicle stopped with several subjects inside the vehicle. The driver was arrested and booked into jail.

A resident on CR 140 in Ledbetter called and reported that there was a car driving up and down CR 140, and she also believed she heard gun shots. Deputy Carvin searched the area, but was unable to locate any vehicles traveling down the roadway.

A caller reported that there was a one vehicle rollover on FM 180 approximately six miles off Hwy 290. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Ledenbach responded to assist. B&M Ambulance requested Justice of the Peace and the funeral home.

A motorist reported scrap metal in the middle of the roadway on Hwy 77 @ CR 410 in Lexington. Deputy Rudolph located and removed it from the road.

Jail Report

Jail Count: 04//21/2013 65
Males: 54 Females: 11

If anyone has information on the Theft of Yeti coolers at the Lee County Jr. Livestock show, you may call Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for information on Crimes in Lee County. Call 1-866-930-TIPS (8477)

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