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Want to Have a Booth During Homecoming?

If you would like to be a part of this year’s activities, please complete the application found online at www.lexingtontexas.com and return it to the Chamber office as soon as possible. Booth fee information is also available online.

Types of Booths

FOOD BOOTHS will be assigned on a first-come, first served basis, with each organization given the opportunity to sell the same food sold last year; foods to be unique to each booth.

Lexington Chamber of Commerce has pledged to limit sale of food items to local nonprofit organizations. However, those who attend Homecoming need to have foods available Friday Night, Saturday Noon and Saturday Night.

Bar-B-Q contestants give samples from their pits on Saturday night, but some food items need to be available for purchase before and during the dance. The Chamber will be selling hot dogs and soft drinks.

Of course, the main demand for foods is at noon on Saturday when the parade is over and the town square is full to overflowing. Because there is a dance on Saturday night, and if the weather permits, many folks return to the Square and there is need for food to be available on Saturday night, also. The Chamber will again sell hot dogs and soft drinks on Saturday night.

Due to the agreement with the soft drink vendor, the Chamber will have exclusive rights to sell commercial soft drinks; other entities may sell non-commercial drinks (such as tea, water, lemonade, etc.)

GAME BOOTHS will add entertainment for the young folks who attend, and serve as a means to earn dollars for school or church non-profits.

CRAFT BOOTHS - Each 10x10 space on Wheatley Street adjacent to the square will be assigned on a first come - first paid basis. Former participants may request previously occupied locations.

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