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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

April 8, 2013

A caller reported that she was having problems with her neighbors on CR 118. Deputy Crockett responded.

Dispatch received a 911 hang up call. When the number was called back, no one answered. Deputy Crockett responded on FM 1624 and found all ok. They were having some phone issues.

A motorist reported a cow out on CR 105 near Hwy 290; Deputy Ayers searched the area, but was unable to locate the cow.

A report of animal cruelty was reported on Trailside Drive. Deputy Ayers checked on the dog, which seemed to be in good health and had food and water.

A lady at Westwood Villa reported her 11 year old missing. Deputy Ayers responded to the call. Prior to the arrival of Deputy Ayers, the lady called back and advised that she had found her son.

Deputy Allen removed a tarp on Hwy 21 near CR 327 that was lying across the lane of traffic, causing hazardous road conditions.

April 9, 2013

Caller reported that somebody was trespassing on his property on FM 3403. Deputy Crockett spoke with the subject. The individual was a relative of the family.

A disturbance was reported on Mesquite Trail where a friend was getting beaten by her girlfriend. Deputy Ayers responded and the parties were separated. No charges were filed.

Deputy Ayers completed a civil standby on CR 226 so that an individual could get her property.

A caller reported concern over an animal on Trailside Drive. Deputy Ayers checked on the animal. It is in good health and had food and water.

A theft was reported at Westwood Villa. Deputy Ayers responded. The complainant wanted to handle it civilly. No report was filed.

Deputy Ayers spoke with a complainant about dogs running wild on FM 696 and CR 308.

Charges were filed by K&C Quick Stop on a subject who was trying to steal beer from the store. Deputy Allen responded to the call and a citation was issued for a Class C theft. The subject was released to a family member.

Deputy Allen responded to a burglar alarm at Mayer Auction. The property was checked out and all was ok.

A report was taken by Deputy Rudolph for an assault that occurred on PR 1809.

April 10, 2013

A cow was reported out on FM 112 near CR 347. Deputy Rudolph was able to run it back into the pasture.

An alarm was reported on CR 125. Deputy Carvin checked the area and found the building secured.

Deputy Carvin checked out a suspicious vehicle near the Lion’s Den on FM 141. All was ok.

A caller wanted a deputy to do a welfare check on a subject on CR 226; Deputy Allen checked and found the subject ok.

Deputy Allen ran some horses off the road on CR 114.

Deputy Ray penned some horses on CR 446 that were out on FM 3403.

April 11, 2013

Deputy Jirasek assisted Trooper Manner on a minor school bus accident on FM 696. There were no children aboard the bus at the time of accident.

A motorist reported a cow out on FM 3403 at CR 449. Deputy Jirasek was able to run it off of the road.

Chief Deputy Lapham took a report from a person who was suspicious about a black male hanging around the Dime Box School, giving children money. All School Districts were notified to keep an eye out for the individual.

Some cows were reported in the road on CR 114 off Hwy 77. Deputy Carvin ran them into a pasture.

Dispatch received a 911 hang up call from FM 3403. Deputy Carvin was en route to check on the subject when dispatch got in touch with the caller. Everything was ok. It was an accidental call.

Deputy Jirasek issued a citation for some loose horses on CR 114 near Hwy 21.

Deputy Ledenbach was unable to locate a cow reported out on Hwy 290 at the Lee County / Fayette County line.

April 12, 2013

Deputy Crockett ran a cow off of FM 3403 into a pasture on CR 444.

Deputy Crockett assisted Trooper Early with a three vehicle accident on Hwy 290 near CR 201.

Some cows were run off the road on CR 114 by Deputy Ayers.

Dime Box School advised that the black male was out at the school again. Deputy Ayers was unable to locate him. Burleson County was also notified of the subject and given the vehicle information.

A motorist reported some cows on CR 114 off of Hwy 77. Deputy Ledenbach ran them off the road.

A caller reported a prowler near her house on CR 327. Deputy Rudolph searched the area, but did not see anybody around.

Deputy Ledenbach and Deputy Rudolph assisted Officer Sandoval with a domestic disturbance on Terrace Drive in Lexington.

April 13, 2013

Deputy Ledenbach and Deputy Rudolph responded with the Lincoln Fire Department and the Giddings Fire Department to a structure fire on 9th Street. A report was taken.

Deputy Ayers assisted the Giddings Police Department with a fight at Orange and Calvert St.

A caller reported a pig foaming at the mouth and walking around in circles on CR 424. Deputy Ayers searched the area, but was unable to locate the animal. The game warden was also notified.

A caller reported a cow out on FM 1697. Deputy Allen ran it into a pasture.

A caller reported that his son tried to beat him up, then pulled a rifle on him on CR 329. Deputy Allen and Deputy Rudolph were dispatched to the scene. One subject was arrested.

April 14, 2013

Several callers advised of a cow out on Hwy 290 near CR 203. Deputy Ayers was able to get the cow penned.

A caller advised that there were two ATV’s driving recklessly on CR 231; Deputy Allen responded but was unable to locate them.

A complainant called to advise that their neighbors had been playing their music loudly on CR 233. Deputy Rudolph searched the area, but was unable to locate any loud music.

Jail Report

Jail Count: 04/14/2013 63 Males: 52 Females: 11 Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for information on Crimes in Lee County. 1-866-930-TIPS (8477)

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