2013-04-11 / Sports

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by Mike Organ

It seems that former Lexington coach Art Behren has a very good softball team at LaGrange this year. They have lost only three games all year, to highly ranked 4A and 5A teams. I hope to get to watch them this season, unless, of course, our Lady Eagles keep winning. Then guess where I’ll be?

If hard knocks are supposed to make a better person out of you, the Lexington baseball team should be ready for almost anything.

It was Louisville vs. Michigan for Monday night’s national championship game in men’s basketball. (Outcome not known as this is being written, due to print deadlines.) For the two survivors, only Louisville was picked to be in the finals. Rick Patino is an excellent coach, just like John Calipari at Kentucky. One of them will usually be in the final four each year.

The Baylor girls got shafted, according to most who watched the game. One writer said the officials swallowed their whistles, allowing Louisville to mug Griner.

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