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Rev. DaveFischer

The wonderful church I serve recently sent me away for a week of continuous education. While at the conference, I learned something technical, but significant. We human beings are ANALOG in a DIGITAL world. Wait! Before you stop reading, hear me out. It’s really neat.

Analog is the old time watch, with hands that move with a sweeping motion that lets you count the seconds. (Yes, I wear one.) Digital is that new thing on your wrist that always goes “click-click-click” as time is counted.

We are analog because we receive a continuous transmission of information to our senses.

Computers, and other devices, are digital. They “estimate” data and then recreate it as best they can. (Which may be very good.). They do this by converting all information into either “ones” or “zeroes”.

Another way to understand this is to know that we “measure” things, as in making judgments and comparisons. Digital devices “count” things, as in the number of friends you have on Facebook. The digital device does not differentiate them. It does not know if they are good, close, acquaintances, or just someone you have heard about. We know. It makes a difference to us.

Therein lies the significance of it all. And why we should be proud to be analog beings in a digital world. We get to make the judgments of right and wrong, good and bad, beautiful and ugly. And we get to choose the world in which we will live, even when we go, digitally, on line.

So, relax and enjoy the digital age. We are still in charge.

Rev. David Fischer is the Pastor at First Christian Church in Lexington

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