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Just a Thought.......

Rev. DaveFischer Rev. DaveFischer We have been told, over and over, that we now live in a secular nation. That means, we do not configure our lives according to God, but by some other standards.

(Yes, I know, that does not apply to everyone.) However, sometimes I catch a phrase that makes me wonder.

We stand beside someone in the emergency room and we say it.

We put an arm around a loved one next to a coffin and we say it..

We rush to the side of our wounded children and we say it.

The words are always the same: “It’s going to be all right.”

How do we know? We don’t. We are making a “faith” statement. Something inside us believes despite all evidence to the contrary.

Curiously, what we believe depends on more assistance than we ourselves can give.

In other words, we believe in a Higher Power. And, by saying those words, we have given ourselves away. We are not, when push comes to shove, secular people. We are believers, all of us.

One more thing. Afterwards, when it’s over, and things really are better, we make our true confession. “Thank God!” we say.

All of this in a secular nation.

Rev. David Fischer is the Pastor at First Christian Church in Lexington

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