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Superintendent’s Corner

Frances M. McArthur, PhD., Superintendent of Schools, Lexington ISD

Lexington Elementary School joined students and teachers across the state in celebrating Texas Public Schools Week this week with a variety of activities. As part of this celebration, parents and community members were invited to attend our Book Fair and Family Reading Night this past Monday, and to join our students for lunch on Wednesday. Additionally, our kindergarten classes will celebrate our annual Kindergarten Rodeo which is a wonderful experience for our students. I appreciate the effort our kindergarten teachers put into this special day, and encourage anyone who has not had an opportunity to see this fabulously fun ‘Lexington Experience’ to come to join us on Friday. Also on Friday, our fourth and fifth grade Peace Keepers, will have a thought provoking presentation from 2:30 - 3:30pm. Our Peacekeepers, under the direction of Mrs. Kathy Boettcher, are part of our anti-bullying efforts here in Lexington. It is another opportunity for students to develop appreciations for individual similarities and differences and to challenge students to stand against discrimination and mistreatment of others. I am continually inspired by the dedication our counselors and our students are pouring into a culture of kindness and good choices as they make daily decisions in the treatment of others.

Our secondary students are incredibly busy this time of year. Some of our high school students are participating in more state testing. Additionally, our secondary students are involved in a multitude of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. It is important to understand the distinction between extracurricular activities and cocurricular activities. While both provide powerful experiences and are very important in developing well-rounded students, there is a difference. Extra-curricular activities are supervised and financed by our school district, and students participating compete and represent our schools, yet they are not considered a part of the academic curriculum and are not graded as co-curricular activities are. A great example of co-curricular activities are those provided through our Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program such as our Ag Program. For example, students following the livestock production pathway greatly benefit from raising and caring for their own animals. During the month of February, some of our CTE students reaped the rewards of months of labor getting up early and walking and caring for their animals. Lexington students exhibited gilts at the CTBR Stars show at San Angelo and market barrows there as well. Jayton Benevidez and Clay Boettcher participated in the competitively large gilt show. This year there were 1,500 entries in the gilt show. Jayton placed 5th place in his class and sold for $750.00. Clay Boettcher and Kayla Boettcher exhibited barrows in the market show. At the San Antonio show, Lexington secondary schools were represented by Clay Boettcher, Jayton Benevidez, Henry Heller, Caroline Heller, Kayla Boettcher, & Kristen Boettcher who exhibited their barrows. There were over 5,200 barrows exhibited at the S.A.L.E. show. During this show there were 2 separate sifts. Classes usually start out with 50 per class and the judges cut down to 15, and those individuals get weighed and then placed. Every barrow that Lexington took made the1st sift of this prestigious competition. Then from there, Caroline Heller was 3rd place, behind the Grand Dark Cross of the entire show. Clay Boettcher was 9th place, and Henry and Kristen were 11th and 12th, respectively. During the steer show, Henry Heller, Madison Bexley, Jacob Warner, & Kayla Boettcher all exhibited projects. Henry Heller placed 3rd place in the Shorthorn division. These students’ hard work and dedication should be commended for going above and beyond to excel at these competitions and represent Lexington in such an outstanding way. I also appreciate all the hard work of their teachers, Mike and Lacey Lilley, and their parents, in helping and supporting our students.

Another event where our secondary students recently made a great showing this year was the Lee County Jr. Livestock Poster Contest. The poster contest is an annual event for all students K- 8th grade, who reside in Lee County. The theme for the contest is to depict events pertaining to the Livestock show, and all must be freehand drawings, no cut outs or computer generated art. There are normally 500-700 entries each year. Our Lexington students really made a showing at the middle school level this year.

Congratulations to: Teyani Wilkes, Courtney Strain, and Heather Exner who won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively, sweeping the 6th-8th grade divisions. I also want to congratulate McKenzie Clinard, Garrett Stamport, Caroline Heller, Katelyn Iselt, Madison Iselt, Tanner Meuth, Colby Bexley, Ryan Garrison, Marian Garza, Kynslie Meyer, Savannah Adams, and Ryan McManus who all received honorable mentions. I am extremely proud of these students and their teachers, Coach Kellye Carter, and Mrs. Christine McManus, and wish them continued success as they continue to compete in activities above and beyond the regular education program.

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