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Giddings Library News Corner

by Judy Belyeu

March is the month we focus on Texas. Visit the Giddings Public Library and check out a variety of books about our great state of Texas.

Weird Texas by Wesley Treat, Heather Shade, and Rob Riggs is a travel Guide to Texas’s local legends and best kept secrets. Think you know Texas? Sure, there’s the Alamo, the Cowboys, armadillos, Longhorns, Aggies, chili, the Space center, and lots of bluebonnets. The Lone Star State has a vast amount of strange people and unusual sites, and they burst forth from every page of the biggest, most bizarre collection of Texas stories ever assembled.

Hispanic Texas: A Historical Guide by Helen Simons and Cathryn A. Hoyt is presented in two parts. Part I is written in the form of essays about Hispanic imprints on Texas landscape: riches, religion, politics: Spanish missions of Texas: the Panhandle perspective: ranching heritage and the West Texas Borderlands. Part II is a guidebook about San Antonio, South Texas, Laredo, Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Lubbock.

Sam Houston: A Biography of the Father of Texas by John Hoyt Williams features Sam Houston as one of the most colorful and legendary figures of American history. During his lifetime he held an astonishing range of high positions: governor of two states (Tennessee and Texas) congressman (Tennessee), senator (Texas), and president of the Republic of Texas for most of its period of independence.

We have four volumes about Legendary Texians by Joe Tom Davis. In these volumes he shares the names and accomplishments of the Texans who helped to carve The Lone star State.

Texas Through Women’s Eyes by Judith N. McArthur and Harold L. Smith is presented in four parts. Part I is about social reform and suffrage during the era of 1900- 1920. Part II is the Post-Suffrage Politics, depression, and War during 1920-1945. Part III and IV takes us through conformity, Civil Rights and Social Protest, Feminism, Backlash and Political Culture.

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