2013-03-07 / Community News

Area Residents Gather for World Day of Prayer

by Nancy Perry

Several residents of Lexington and the surrounding area gathered at the Holy Family Catholic Church last Friday morning for this year’s World Day of Prayer.

The focus of the program was “I Was a Stranger and You Welcomed Me”, a theme that translates into “You loved me....., you accepted me...... you met my needs.”

The program was a wonderful example of how Jesus encouraged his followers, as well as us today, to help others, even those who may be strangers to us.

The storyline and presentation during the service was apparently digested by many of the ladies in attendance. Immediately following the program, as the ladies were making their way from the sanctuary to the Parish Hall to enjoy lunch, a gentleman on a bicycle appeared in the parking lot of the church complex. He was not known to anyone there and he asked directions for getting to Bryan/College Station. He stated that he had been riding on Highway 77, but that the trucks were moving too fast and his bicycle was too close to the trucks traveling on the highway.

One of the ladies gave him instructions, explaining that he could continue on FM 696 to Highway 21, both roads of which are a bit less traveled by large trucks than Highway 77.

He went on his merry way, thanking the ladies for their instructions. After he had pedaled away, one of the ladies asked “Why didn’t we ask him to have lunch with us?”

There was a large banquet of food in the Parish Hall where the ladies were gathering for lunch.

“Well, we can surely take him food,” one of the ladies said. So, a food package was prepared, and one of the ladies headed east on FM 696 to deliver the feast. She caught up with the bicycler soon thereafter and shared of the bounty gathered for lunch.

Thus, as Paul Harvey might have said, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

It was truly wonderful to see Jesus’ example replicated following the World Day of Prayer service. Some of those in attendance experienced firsthand what it is like to meet a stranger and welcome him.

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