2013-02-21 / Sports

Sports Thoughts………..

by Mike Organ

It is fixin’ to get wild, especially for those spring multi-sport athletes. Just this week there was baseball, and softball Tuesday night. Both teams are in tourneys this weekend. The Eagle track team will start competing Thursday in LaGrange. Oh! There is golf and tennis to be played also. The literary UIL meets are forthcoming, and, of course, those nasty endof course exams the students are taking, for some reason. March, April, and the first of May will be a blur. Good luck to the students; hopefully there will be time for graduation!!!!!

Coach Mack is trying to switch the type of offense the Horns will be running. Why doesn’t he tailor an offense to the material he has, instead of trying to copy? He did it with Vince Young and the zone read. They built the offense around Vince, and Colt McCoy was capable of running the same.

The Aggies’ success on the field led to a haul on national signing day. They could only sign so many, according to the rules, but others are going to the Ags without a scholarship.

The Longhorn men’s and women’s basketball teams are not very good. Did you see the “crowd” at the Kansas game? There were thousands of fans disguised as empty seats. I don’t think they could give away tickets and draw a crowd.

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