2013-02-21 / Community News

Messages from the Mayor and Chief of Police of Lexington

“The weather is beginning to warm a little, our days becoming filled with more sunshine, and spring cleaning just around the corner. There will be yard sales taking place in the city limits, as well as just outside the city and in the county. As a safety precaution, we are asking those who will be having yard/garage sales in the near and distant future, please do not nail, tack, or staple your signs to the light poles. This creates a safety hazard for the city workers when they have to provide maintenance on these poles. These workers could easily be scratched, poked, or severely cut by a protruding nail, tack, or staple. To prevent this, we are asking if you wish to advertise a yard/garage sale, please use other means besides the utility poles. Thanks for your consideration.” Robert Willrich, Lexington Mayor & Clarence D. Yarbrough, Chief of Police of Lexington “Just as a reminder we are still meeting with members from the community about the neighborhood watch program. If you would like more information about the neighborhood watch program, please attend the meetings. It is the goal of your Police Department to work closely with you to better protect and serve you. So help us better serve and protect you by attending these neighborhood watch meetings.”

Clarence D. Yarbrough, Chief of Police

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