2013-02-14 / School

Superintendent’s Corner

Frances M. McArthur, PhD.,
Superintendent of Schools Lexington ISD

Last week was a wonderful week for the children of Lexington! I received a letter from the Texas Education Agency that our Request for Grant Funding for a College For All, $100,000.00 grant had been preliminary selected for funding.

We will utilize part of the money awarded to expand the health science pathway by providing for a teacher salary and some program expenses. Expanding our career pathways to meet the needs of our student population will not only increase the number of Career and Technology courses offered and allow a larger portion of our students access to the courses they are interested in, this will also allow us to open up some teaching periods from our Ag teachers’ schedules. Currently, because of the drastic reduction in staff at the secondary, our Ag teachers are teaching electives to some students who are not interested in pursuing the Ag pathway. Opening up these slots will allow them to teach more upper level Ag courses for our students who do want to pursue the Ag pathway. Additionally, funds from this award will help us to continue to increase the number of Lexington graduates with college credits, college preparatory skills, and realworld job skills/certifications. I am also delighted to announce that the grant request I submitted to the Lehman Foundation on behalf of Lexington Schools was approved. I received a letter today that stated, “In keeping with Henry and Tommy Lehman’s wishes to benefit the citizens of Lee County, the Foundation Trustees approved a grant for the Lexington Middle School Library.” We will be receiving $100,000.00 in four installments to help defray some of the cost of expanding and remodeling the library that is out of compliance. I am so thankful for Henry and Tommy Lehman whose charity transcended their death. O u r Lexington children will be blessed by their generosity and foresight.

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