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Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

This past weekend our 7 year old son was diagnosed with the flu. We were prescribed Tamu flu and immediately drove straight to the pharmacy to pick it up. The pharmacist warned me that most insurance had not been covering the Tamu flu and that it would cost $250. She described to me the looks that she would receive from individuals who weren’t covered. ‘Heartbreaking’ is how she described it. My insurance did actually cover the Tami flu, and if it hadn’t, I had the money to pay the $250, but while I was waiting, my mind and heart drifted to the many Americans who would be effected in a major way by this. How many single parents, self employed citizens, manual laborers, etc. work their fingers to the bone and struggle to pay their insurance premiums only to find that if they needed Tamu flu, their insurance wouldn’t cover it and they would need to cough up $250? How many would have to turn and walk away without it, and tell their sick child that there would be no medicine? This is a terrible thing that takes both sides of the aisle of congress to fix. When will we stop allowing our elected officials to talk about issues such as this, only during election years? This isn’t a Democrat/Republican thing. This is an American thing. Let’s tell them to get it fixed or we’ll give their replacement the opportunity to solve this problem!

Tim Jones, Giddings, TX

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