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Join the LMS Students on Historic Trip

There is still time to sign up and join LMS students on their 2013 Washington- Jamestowne- Williamsburg trip from June 11th- 15th. Join us in visiting Historic Jamestowne and Colonial Williamsburg where we view and experience our early colonial history. Come board one of the replica ships that the first English settlers sailed on to get to America. We visit the archaeological digs on historic Jamestowne Island and stand where the first English settlers stepped onto American soil. In Colonial Williamsburg we visit the colonial capital, the governor’s palace, the old “gaol” and other historic buildings.

Most of the time is spent in Washington, DC where we visit the Smithsonian Museums, the Capitol, National Archives where we view the Constitution, the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, and other important documents in American History. We also visit the many memorials, Mount Vernon, the United States Holocaust Museum, and Arlington National Cemetery, where we watch the changing of the guard at The Tombs of the Unknowns, as well as view the gravesites of people such as President Kennedy and World War II Hero, Audie Murphy.

For information on pricing, payment deadlines, itinerary and other information, contact Connie Moss at Lexington Middle School.

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