2013-02-07 / Police

Lexington Police Report

by Chief Clarence Yarbrough

January 27, 2013

Officer Sandoval conducted a warrant service in the 700 Blk of 5th St. for subjects wanted on outstanding warrants. Upon arrival at the residence in the 700 Blk of 5th St., an attempt was made to contact the wanted subject; however, Officer Sandoval was unable to locate subject.

Officer Sandoval met with a subject at the Lexington Police Department who stated her landlord had locked her out of her house. The subject was advised it was a civil matter and he was instructed to contact the Justice of the Peace for further assistance.

Officer Sandoval received a call of loud noise in the 700 Blk of Main St. Officer Sandoval checked the area, but was unable to locate the loud noises.

January 28, 2013

Officer Vivas was dispatched to an alarm call at Peterson’s Grocery Store. Contact was made with an individual who was identified as the store clerk, and verified by the officer. The clerk advised Officer Vivas they were having problems resetting the alarm. After further attempts, the alarm was reset and Officer Vivas cleared the area and resumed his patrol duties.

January 31, 2013

Officer Nurse, while on patrol, observed the garage door open at the Callas Body and Paint shop. Officer made contact with a subject inside the garage. After a field investigation was conducted and the subject inside was identified, it was determined there was no criminal act occurring at Callas Paint and Body Shop.

Officer Sandoval met with a subject at the Police Department who stated they were having a problem with a male subject from Charlie’s Bar. The male subject refused to leave the bar. After the person made contact with the police, the male subject left the bar without incident. No further police assistance was needed.

Cpt Wooldridge was advised of a two-vehicle minor accident with no injuries, in the Post Office parking lot. Upon arrival, Cpt. Wooldridge worked the accident and provided both drivers with a collision Blue Form to exchange information and to provide to their insurance companies.

February 1, 2013

Officer Nurse was dispatched to Herk’s store in reference to a theft by known subjects. After all the necessary information and evidence was gathered, Officer Nurse cleared the area and completed a report of the incident. This theft is still currently under investigation.

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