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Just a Thought.......

The following poem is by one of my favorite authors, Bill Williams. He wrote the book, Naked Before God. In this poem he describes a knowledge of God that perhaps only a few may be privileged to achieve.


When God’s presence is as real as the sun on your cheek . . .

When you can close your eyes and turn toward God as sure as you Rev. DaveFischer know the wind, Then, you will have knowledge of God. And, you will be like a flower basking in God,drinking Him in through every leaf and pore.

You will be as warm as the lily in an August field and splendor will shine through you.

(My insert) . . . In that day, you will have what Williams calls . . .(Him again).

The right-seeing vision.

God is good. Creation is good. And you are part of Creation.

Then he concludes: Tender petal, you seem to glow from the other side of what you know,

And I see the face of God. Imagine, having such a light coming from you that all would know that you, like Moses once upon a time, had been in the presence of God. It’s just a thought, but isn’t it wonderful?

Rev. David Fischer, is Interim Pastor at First Christian Church in Lexington

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