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School Board Reveiws Safety Procedures in Light of Sandy Hook Tragedy

At the Lexington ISD Board of Trustees regular meeting held on Monday, January 28, 2013, Dr. Frances McArthur, Superintendent of Schools, reviewed the LISD Emergency Operations Plan. Although LISD has had an excellent emergency plan in place to protect our students for years, the current plan was reviewed. This plan is based on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) of Homeland Security. LISD staff members have coordinated its NIMS implementation efforts with the City of Lexington Police Department and other state emergency management agencies.

All Texas schools, as well every school in the nation, have been reveiwing their safety policies in lieu of the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary last month.

In other business, for School Board Recognition month, students from the elementary school, middle school and high school read poems, performed a skit, created beautiful kites, and showed digital graphics that recognized the members of the Board for their contributions to the District. Riza Cooper gave each of the trustees a glass mug and board members were each presented with appreciation certificates by Dr. McArthur, as well as thank you gifts from the faculty and staff.

School board members turned in their team assessment reports to determine the direction of school board training.

Trustees thanked Joe Green and Doug Havard, who have served on the FFA Advisory Board for the past two years, for their service, and acknowledged Kerry Bexley, Josh Benavidez, and LevyDouglas, who took their place.

Trustees renewed LISD’s contract for auditing services with Singleton, Clark and Company.

LISD trustees selected competitive sealed bids as the method of procurement of construction services that would provide the best value to the district for the expansion and renovation of the middle school library.

ESC Region 13 Regional Day School Program for the Deaf Shared Services Arrangement Agreement was approved.

Trustees reviewed Board Agenda items for the Regular February Board Meeting and heard the Superintendent’s Report.

Dr. McArthur informed the board that the long-anticipated State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) results for grades 3rd – 8th arrived last week.

State results scheduled to be released on January 25th, were not available yet, but would hopefully be released this week.

Dr. McArthur said, “It is difficult to determine too much about our results without a context to place them in; however, our results are surprisingly high considering the very limited information under which our students and teachers performed.”

Dr. McArthur said that additional information was needed, such as released tests/ items followed by a deeper analysis on how students performed.

Dr. McArthur went on to say that LISD staff will be disaggregating the data in the next few weeks and she would report on that information at the next meeting.

She reminded the board, “In the mean time, we now have less than forty days before the next round of STAAR tests and we need to stay focused on purposeful, engaging instruction solidly grounded on the state standards.”

In closing, Dr. McArthur reported on the pros and cons of electronic submission of board packets to trustees.

She said, “While the sporadic internet connections in and around Lexington may require paper delivery to a trustee, electronic submission of board packets would be both a time saving and cost saving measure.”

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