2013-01-17 / Sports

Sports Thoughts….

by Mike Organ

UT basketball Coach Rick Barnes said if his players were in the business world, he would fire them all. I thought he was the person that asked the players to come to Texas. I don’t think any of them begged him to play for Texas!!!!!!!

It seems character is beginning to matter again. The ‘studs’ may be very skilled, but are so egocentric, their teams suffer. The winning teams are stars working together, witness the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. The Lakers have as many ‘stars’ but are not a team, hence they are having winning problems.

The two UT players that took all the focus away from their team in San Antonio have been reinstated to the team because no charges will be filed. Is this a case of the media possibly ruining someone’s future because they brought forth an incident before they had all the facts? The media chose to publicize the bad and not the good.

The Eagles are tied for second place in district play. They are definitely headed to the playoffs if they continue to win.

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