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Cross Country Traveler Visits Lexington

by Wendy Stover

Saturday, January 5, 2013 was a cold, wet day. Many of us in Lexington were going about our typical weekend start with work, chores, errands or attending the livestock auction.

For Sea Rhydr, her day began quite differently. The 47 year old began her day like she has for the past 450 days; she packed up her gear onto two small horses, then she swung into the saddle of her riding horse, and struck out from somewhere past Blue, en route to Lexington.

Travelling at roughly 10 miles per day, Sea and her equine companions left Philo, California nearly 15 months ago. Her goal is to make it across the country to a final destination of Minot, Maine by November 8, 2013.

Occasionally joined by her friend Gryph Wolfskil, Sea has taken on a task that requires a big dose of courage, a smattering of skill, consistent foresight and preparation and pure faith in God. When I asked her how she endures such a daunting expedition, she told me “I pray alot!”

Along the way Sea has met many strangers who have stepped up to offer shelter and food for her and the ponies. By morning, the friendships formed remain in her heart throughout the journey. The nights that are spent under the stars would seem lonely to some, but Sea has a bond with her ponies that rivals that of many human to human relationships.

On Sunday, Sea packed up again and continued east, but not before she stopped in at Herks for a cheeseburger on jalapeƱo bun and some local chitchat at the ‘table of information’ or the ‘smart table’ as we like to call it. She later told me that she was most impressed that what she had been told about Lexington was true-EVERYONE waved to her as she passed by.

May God continue to bless Sea and her companions on her journey and we thank her for blessing us with her respite and our new friendship.

To follow Sea’s adventures, you can find her blog at: freerangerodeo.com or just Google “Free Range Rodeo”.

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