2013-01-10 / Sports

Sports Thoughts…

by Mike Organ

Congratulations to the Aggies on their dominating victory over Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl. Johnny “Football” lived up to the Heismann. The Ags offensive line did an excellent job of protecting Manziel, giving him time to pass and running lanes If the receiver had caught the pass in the end zone instead of tipping it to OU, Manziel would have had 300 passing and over 200 rushing.

Texas also won their bowl game but it was not as significant. The newsiest item from the Alamo Bowl was the suspension of two players for breaking “team rules”, the subject of which I am not qualified to comment. It is shameful that two players took all the coverage away from the rest of the team with their behavior. Some readers think I am a Texas hater. That is not the truth. They are the University of Texas, which means they are representing all of us Texans. When something goes awry, it feels like it happened to me. I want the Horns to win every game by a wide margin, and do it with honor.

The Lady Eagles are up and down. They played one of their best games Thursday and one of their worst on Saturday.

The Eagles have a chance to make the playoffs in basketball. They do need to develop some depth, though, which seems to be slowly happening.

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