2013-01-03 / Sports

Sports Thoughts……..

by Mike Organ

Salado had a nice group of students that were much like a college student section where they give the opponents heck and cheer for their teams. Taking away from that sense of team support were two class-less students who came to the game dressed as condoms, and the Salado administration did nothing.

The Cowboys’ Tony Romo did his usual job of cratering in a big game. In must win games in the regular season, the Cowboys are 0-3 in the last five years.

The Aggies, however, will be playing in Cowboy Stadium in January. Johnny “Football” will get to display his skills to Jerry Jones, not that Dallas needs a winning quarterback.

The Eagles’ poor showing in Cameron was due to the fact that two starters were out of town on family trips.

I trust that all had a happy New Year.

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