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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

December 24, 2012

Deputy Skinner assisted Lexington P.D. at Cefco after a shot was fired and the bullet hit the window. Investigation revealed that the bullet was accidentally fired in a truck and ricocheted off the window.

A resident on CR 203 reported to Deputy York that there had been some mailboxes damaged.

A motorist reported that a maroon older model Subaru was swerving on Hwy 77 North in Lexington. Deputy Ledenbach attempted to locate the vehicle.

Deputy Ayres was advised that a motorist reported that a Porsche and a Mustang were racing each other on Hwy 290 headed eastbound from the Bastrop County line. Highway 290 was patrolled but no vehicles were speeding or racing.

A caller reported a male subject to be sitting on the side of the road with a trailer. Deputy York checked on the subject and he advised that his brother was on the way.

December 25, 2012

A caller reported that her dad was having a nervous break-down and wanted to spend time with his son who is incarcerated in the Lee County Jail. He advised that he would see his son one way or another. Deputy York and Deputy Ledenbach stood by at the Sheriff’s Office to make sure everything was Ok.

Deputy York and Deputy Ledenbach responded to a Lifeline call on CR 324 in Lincoln. The caller reported that their subscriber needs help getting off her bed because it was stuck in the high position.

Deputy Ledenbach and Deputy York responded along with the Giddings Fire Dept to a grass fire in the median on Hwy 290 East.

A motorist reported a tree blocking the traffic on CR 217 near CR 216. Deputy Ayres responded and cleared the roadway.

A caller reported that there was a house on fire in Dime Box on CR 430 W approx ½ mile off FM 141. Deputy Ayres responded to the call.

Deputy York assisted Lexington Police Dept on a call on 5th St. A subject was seen going into an abandoned trailer home across from the elementary school. Everything was ok.

Lifeline requested a welfare check on a 90 year old female that pressed her alert button. They could not get her to answer. Deputy Ayres responded and located her outside feeding her dogs. She advised she must have accidentally hit the button.

December 26, 2012

Dispatch received a 9-1-1 hang up call which came from PR 8022 in Lincoln. Attempts to call back did not go through. Deputy Crockett was dispatched to do a welfare check. Everyone was ok and they advised they were having phone trouble.

The newspaper delivery person reported that she nearly struck a horse that was out on CR 326 in Lexington. Deputy Crockett and a Lexington P.D. unit were able to get it off the roadway.

Deputy Rudolph met with a complainant on CR 118 in Giddings. A report for theft was taken. Investigation continues at this time.

A motorist reported cows out on CR 118 just past the Nails Creek Bridge. Deputy Liles located and cleared the cattle from the roadway.

December 27, 2012

Deputy Rudolph responded to a call on Hwy 77 near Hwy 21. A motorist reported a short horned cow stuck in the fence. The animal had freed itself upon arrival.

A motorist reported that she had struck a deer that was on Hwy 77 North approx ¼ mile south of Tanglewood and she could smell gas emitting from her vehicle. No one was injured. Deputy Carvin responded to the call and a wrecker responded and towed the vehicle.

Deputy Liles responded to a motorist needing assistance on Hwy 77 @ Hwy 21. Upon arrival the driver needed a jump start. The vehicle started but stalled again on Hwy 21. Driver and passengers were given a courtesy ride.

December 28, 2012

A concerned citizen reported a truck with a trailer at a residence on CR 226. He was not sure if it was the people getting their stuff or a burglary. Deputy Liles located the vehicle and the driver. It was the resident getting the rest of his property.

Deputy Ledenbach was dispatched to CR 118 @ the Nail’s Creek Bridge to put up cows that were out on the road.

Deputy Ayres and Deputy Ray responded to an accident on CR 205 approx 4.2 miles off Hwy 290. Giddings Fire Dept responded with jaws. Trooper Manner with DPS took the crash report.

December 29, 2012

Deputy Carvin met with a complainant who wanted to report that someone had stolen her jewelry. A theft report was taken and investigation continues at this time.

A complainant in the 5800 block of CR 326 in Lexington advised that his neighbor’s dog had been barking for 7 hours straight. Deputy Carvin spoke to the dog owner who advised that his dog had been inside all day except for 2 hours.

MHMR called and requested a deputy to meet them at a residence on FM 141 in Giddings. Deputy Crockett was dispatched and took one female to Austin State Hospital.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by air traffic control who advised that they had a plane that made an unscheduled landing at the Giddings Airport. They wanted someone to check it out because they believed it was an emergency landing. Sheriff Meyer and Deputy Crockett responded to the call. An airplane was located at the airport and it had some damage. A report was taken and given to the FAA for investigation purposes.

December 30, 2012

A complainant reported that when he arrived home, he noticed several mailboxes with the doors open. When he checked his box, some of his mail was opened and some mail was missing. Deputy York responded to the call and took a report.

A resident on FM 2440 reported a black Ford single cab truck out in front of his residence. He advised there were two subjects weed-eating, but he wanted a deputy to check them out. Deputy Ledenbach located the subjects. They were subcontracted to do the work.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a subject who had locked her keys inside her running vehicle. She needed to get to a hospital. Deputy Carvin went to the residence on CR 309 and unlocked her vehicle.

A concerned citizen reported that a doe had gotten caught up in the fence. It was able to get free but appeared to have broken both back legs and was in the ditch still alive and suffering. Deputy Ledenbach was dispatched to the scene to dispatch the deer.

Jail Count:

12/29/2012 42 Males: 40 Females: 2

No major incidents were reported over the Christmas Holidays. I would like to thank the local News media for publishing the Sheriff’s report in 2012 for the citizens of Lee County.

Last Week’s Report

December 17, 2012

Deputy Ray assisted Trooper Manner on a car accident on FM 180 near CR 132.

A motorist reported a cow out on Hwy 77 near CR 405; Deputy Allen removed the animal from the road way.

Deputy Rudolph was unable to locate a cow reported out on CR 114.

Some cows were reported out on FM 3403 near Hwy 21. The animals were off the road when Deputy Rudolph got there.

A caller reported some goats out on CR 226 near the Auction Barn; Deputy Carvin removed the animals from the roadway.

December 18, 2012

Deputy Liles assisted a broken down motorist on Hwy 290 east.

Dispatch received a call about a vehicle accident on FM 1697 near CR 124. Deputy Skinner and Deputy Liles responded. A report was taken. Nobody was around the vehicle, so it was towed.

A caller reported a suspicious person walking in a pasture on west CR 405. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Allen checked on it and the person was identified.

Deputy Carvin completed a civil standby on PR 2051.

December 19, 2012

A caller reported a suspicious vehicle on FM 2440 near Hwy 21. Deputy Ledenbach went to check on the vehicle, but it was gone when he arrived.

Deputy Ledenbach removed a cow from the road on Hwy 21 in Dime Box.

A caller reported some debris in the road on FM 696 west. Deputy Ledenbach was dispatched to the location, and a citizen stopped and helped out.

Deputy York removed some cattle from the road on FM 141 in Dime Box.

Deputy Ledenbach went to check on a smoke call on FM 3403. No fire or smoke was located anywhere in the area.

Dispatch received a call about a verbal altercation in the parking lot of the Faith Temple Church in Lexington. Deputy York responded to assist Officer Yarbrough. All was ok.

The Giddings Police Department requested an assist on a report of juveniles fighting at the Simmang Park. Deputies Ray and Crockett responded to the call. Upon arrival, they were unable to locate anyone around the area.

Deputy Crockett and Deputy Ray completed a welfare concern on Clark Lane. Everything was ok with the individual.

December 20, 2012

Deputy Ray removed a tree branch from across the roadway.

A power line was reported down on CR 326; Deputy Crockett responded. It was not a power line, but a phone line and Verizon was notified.

Deputy Ledenbach removed a tree from the road way on CR 118.

Received a call about an injured horse on the side of CR 439. Deputy Ledenbach responded to the scene. The owner of the horse showed up and took care of the horse.

Caller advised that she had been assaulted somewhere on CR 409 and wanted to press charges. Deputy York responded.

A caller called to report a possible sexual assault of a child. The child was in the care of foster parents and the caller wanted them checked out. The caller was referred to another agency located where the assault allegedly happened and CPS was notified.

Deputy York and Deputy Ayers responded to Dime Box High School for a disturbance. Everyone was ok and a student was released to his parent.

A report of criminal mischief at West Wood Villa Apartments was received. Deputy Ayers responded. No charges were pressed and the juveniles were released to their parents.

December 21, 2012

Deputy Crockett, Deputy Allen and Trooper Thorp all responded to a domestic disturbance on FM 3403. The subject was taken to St. Marks for medical clearance and MHMR was notified.

A motorist reported a cow out on FM 112; Deputy Rudolph responded but was unable to locate any cows.

A longhorn was reported out on FM 180; Deputy Liles was unable to locate the cow.

Deputy Liles and Deputy Skinner assisted Trooper Manner with a car accident on Hwy 21 near the Bastrop County line.

A caller advised that there were some teens walking down Hwy 290. Deputy Carvin responded, but was unable to locate them.

December 22, 2012

A caller reported that his truck had been stolen. Deputy Liles and Deputy Skinner responded. The caller’s dad called to advise that he found his son’s truck wrecked on CR 117. Trooper Early was notified, and a report was taken by DPS and the Sheriff’s Office.

A caller reported some suspicious activity on CR 405. Deputy Skinner and Officer Nurse checked on the house. Everything was found to be ok. It was family that came to deer hunt.

Deputy Rudolph and Deputy Allen responded to a disturbance at West Wood Villa Apartments. The situation was a civil matter and both parties were advised to get in contact with the apartment manager.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call for a residential burglary alarm on CR 309; Deputy Rudolph responded. False alarm.

A disturbance was reported on Shady Circle Dr.; Deputy Skinner responded and both parties were separated for the night.

Deputy Skinner removed a dead deer from the roadway on Hwy 77 just north of Hwy 21.

December 23, 2012

A motorist reported a man lying on the side of the road in a red jump suite. Deputy Skinner checked on the subject. The man stated he was on his way to Bastrop.

Deputy Liles responded to an unauthorized use of motor vehicle call on CR 430. The vehicle was returned while Deputy Liles was on scene. The son was taken by the son of the complainant and she was advised to talk to the judge.

Deputy Allen spoke with a subject in regard to his child custody arrangement.

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