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Dear Citizens of Lexington,

It is with a heavy heart I write to you today. Most certainly you have heard the tragic news of the Connecticut elementary school shooting and the subsequent loss of twenty children and six heroic adults. It is difficult to grasp the magnitude of devastation we have seen unfold over the past few days and the realization that this can happen to any community. Most are left wondering why did this happen and how do we prevent this from ever happening again? This is an inevitable part of the thought process we all go through trying to comprehend an incomprehensible event. But I write to you today not in an effort to explain why this occurred or how we prevent future incidents of this nature. Rather, I ask for your thoughts and prayers to those affected in this time of tragedy. Pray for those poor children who lost their lives so needlessly and pray for those who died trying to prevent it. Pray for the families of the victims who will certainly be dealing with the most catastrophic incident ever to occur in their lifetimes during what should be a joyous Holiday season. Pray for the surviving children whose innocence was lost far too early and pray for their parents to guide them through this difficult time.

During this Holiday season, take a moment to reflect on the blessing we all have. Hug your children and grandkids and tell them that you love them. These times of family togetherness are special and should never be taken for granted.

God Bless,
Mayor Robert Willrich

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