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By Victor Gonzales, Lee County Game Warden

December 10, 2012

Since the opening of the general gun season, hunting has steadily improved and most hunters would agree the quality of deer, especially bucks, is impressive. Mother Nature always has a way of throwing us a curve, and for those patient enough to wait for results, it’s usually worth the wait. After a couple of years of drought, wildlife has rebounded and deer harvest is reflective of this.

In speaking with Lee County biologist Greg Pleasant, he informs me that some really nice bucks have been scored throughout the county. We hope to see these antlers at the annual wildlife meeting in February. On the flip side, I’ve lost count of the deer/vehicle accidents, both reported and non-reported. Either way, a lot of deer have been put down as a result.

An improvement in wildlife law enforcement investigation involves the use of game cameras. Consider this, Lee County is relatively small at 631 square miles (Texas State Historical Association), compared to other surrounding counties. Law enforcement cannot be everywhere at all times, so landowners have had to become more resourceful, resulting in favorable action.

Once hunters perfected the use of such cameras, they also began to capture more than 4 legged wildlife. Just about every case I’ve made for hunting without consent or trespassing, has come as a result of landowners sending me game camera pictures. Once caught, there is no way for an actor to justify their presence or action. I do suggest the use of two cameras though; one for wildlife, and the other for wildlife that will probably mess with the other. Technology can be a good thing sometimes.

I may be contacted at 979-540-0194.

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