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Superintendent’s Corner

Frances M. McArthur, PhD., Superintendent of Schools Lexington Independent School District

Two of our senior Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) students recently turned 18 and have signed on with the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department (LVFD). I am so very proud of Todd Glass and Tyler Meyer who are joining our volunteer firemen in unselfishly using their skills and talents to help our community. These determined and capable young men received their LVFD extrication and grass fire suits, as well as their bunker gear at the Lexington Fire Department Meeting this week. There is no doubt in my mind, that our entire community will be blessed by these young men.

Last week, Courtney Robertson signed on with Northwood University, accepting a twenty four thousand dollar scholarship. Northwood selected Courtney for this prestigious scholarship for her academic abilities, as well as her skill on the softball field. In fact, sixteen thousand dollars or two thirds of Courtney’s scholarship was awarded purely for her success in her coursework and her dedication to her studies. Courtney is a shining example of what effort, both in the classroom and on the field, can garner our students. I commend Courtney for her tremendous efforts and her teachers and family for teaching, supporting, and encouraging her. I am proud of Courtney and predict even greater things ahead for her as she moves on to Northwood next year!

Also, I want to congratulate our Eagle football team on advancing to the regional competition against Refugio last week. Even though they were defeated on Friday, to advance as far as they did in the playoffs has become a tradition here in Lexington. Congratulations to Coach Holcomb, Coach Muhl, Coach Richards, Coach Koester, Coach Horn, Coach Williams, Coach Tidwell, and Coach Conway on a great year and a great run in the playoffs. This is the third year in row that I have watched these boys advance to regional, quarterfinal, and state level competitions. Certainly they have advanced further than any high school I have ever been involved with and, in fact, any other high school in this area. At the same time, our athletes and our coaches have earned the respect of all the teams in our district, for playing fairly, and with character. I have watched them be quiet and humble winners and gracious losers, always setting an example for others on how real men behave. I am proud to belong to a district capable of producing these champions!

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