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Lexington vs. Refugio - Game 3 Lost its Charm

by Mike Organ

Jason Washington outpaces the Refugio defense on this carry. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Jason Washington outpaces the Refugio defense on this carry. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. The two spirited rivals met for the third time in three years. Lexington won in 2010, ending Refugio’s undefeated season with a thud, when Refugio had been ranked #1 all season long. In 2011 Refugio bounced Lexington from the title hunt with a resounding 66-33 defeat. Game three in the series was played in San Antonio Northside’s Farris Stadium last Friday night, with Refugio taking a 49-21 win.

Refugio won the toss and elected to receive. The Bobcats thought they would be able to score against the Eagle defense. Wrong!!! Chase Hibbeler pooch kicked to the 30 yard line of Refugio. First down, pass incomplete; second down, run; third down, run; and 4th down - blast for first. After earning the first down, the Eagle defense stiffened and stopped the Bobcats. Refugio ran the ball, rather than pass the ball, as has been their custom in trying to move the football. The Bobcat quick kick punt went into the end zone for a touch back.

Kogan Garrett (10) hands off to Cash Flot (24, with lead blocker, Eriq Mitchell (7) out front. 
PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Kogan Garrett (10) hands off to Cash Flot (24, with lead blocker, Eriq Mitchell (7) out front. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Lexington moved for a first down on a Kogan Garrett run. Cash Flot made a great run on third down for a second first down. Jason Washington made a diving catch of a Garrett pass at the Refugio 16 yard line for a 36 yard gain. Garrett then ran for 11 to the five. Flot swept right for the the first TD of the evening. Hibbeler’s PAT kick upped the score, 7-0 Lexington.

Refugio started at their own 46, after the short kickoff. Bobcats hit a 34-yard pass play on second down to the Lexington 25. The Bobcats passed for a first down and then passed14 for the TD. The PAT kick tied the score.

Logan Meuth returned the ensuing kickoff to the 25. Three unsuccessful plays later, the Eagles were punting from the 24. Zach Lay’s 43-yard punt rolled out of bounds. Refugio tried to score on first down. Jason Washington intercepted on the Eagle 29 yard line with a great play. The interception ended the first quarter with the score tied.

Refugio intercepted a Garrett pass, but was called for defensive holding, which negated the INT and gave the Eagles an automatic first down. Some serious running by Flot and Eriq Mitchell moved the ball down to the one. Mitchell walked into the end zone from the one on a cutback run. The Eagle rushing game was damaging the Bobcats.

After a short kickoff, Refugio took over at the Bobcat 44 yard line. Six plays later, Refugio punched in a 2-yard touchdown run with 5:23 left in the second quarter.

The 1st half ended with both Lexington and Refugio being unable to the score again.

Refugio kicked deep to start the second half. The Eagles mishandled the kickoff, resulting in Lexington starting from the five yard line. After a three-and-out and a short punt, Refugio started at the Lexington 39 yard line; two plays and 39 yards later, Refugio scored on a pass for a 21-14 lead.

The Eagles did better on the next kickoff, with Logan Meuth returning to the Eagle 35 yard line. Garrett passed to Meuth for 10 yards on first down. Then came the play that changed the game and tilted momentum to Refugio. Lexington tried to run a jet sweep with an inside exchange. Garrett tossed the ball forward to the back coming from left to right. The ball never got to the back, and players started trying to cover the football. Lexington coaches knew it was an incomplete pass. The officials ruled otherwise, ruling the play was a fumble and that Refugio recovered the ball. Refugio was ecstatic, and Lexington coaches were furious about the ruling. Five plays later, an 18-yard pass on a “Johnny Football” type scramble and throw, and Refugio took a 28- 14 lead. As it turned out, that was the beginning of the end for Lexington.

Lexington went three-and-out on the possession following the kickoff. Zach Lay followed with a 52-yard rolling punt that died at the Refugio 18. The Eagle defense returned the favor by stopping Refugio and forcing a punt. The Bobcat punt rolled dead at the Lexington 19. Lexington, again, went three-and-out, offensively, and Lay’s 48-yard punt was downed at the Refugio 27.

Refugio came out throwing after the punt. A deep incompletion was followed by a hitch pass to the wide receiver for four yards. A long pass to Marcus Thompson was intercepted by Jason Washington at the Lexington 29, as Lexington stymied Refugio once more. But…….

On the first play Garrett dropped back to pass. Garrett was hit as he threw the ball. The ball popped up near the line of scrimmage with a Bobcat defensive lineman making a diving catch of the ball at the Lexington 27.

Three running plays by the Bobcats moved the score to 35-14 on the second play of the fourth quarter. There was 11:24 left in the game.

After the Refugio kickoff, the Eagles showed a spark on offense, scoring on 4 plays, with Kogan Garrett running the ball in from the 8 yard line. The big play was a Garrett to Washington pass for 48 yards with 10:03 left in the game. The score was Refugio 35 – Lexington 21.

Lexington tried an onside kick with no success. Refugio covered the ball at their 49 yard line. After a 15-yard personal foul penalty on Refugio, and a false start penalty on Refugio, the ball was pushed back to the Refugio 37 yard line. However, on a quick screen pass, Refugio picked up a first down. The Bobcats threw an out-route to Marcus Thompson that was intercepted by Jamyon Scott and returned to the Refugio 38 yard line. Unfortunately, Lexington’s first play resulted in a fumble (recovered by Cash Flot) and the next play saw Kogan Garrett hit as he threw, and the ball was intercepted by Refugio at the Eagle 45 yard line. Two plays later, a Bobcat rusher slipped through the Eagle defense for a 49-yard touchdown run. The Eagles had four missed tackles on the run. Refugio led 42-21.

After Breyland Chism’s kickoff return to the Eagle 37, Lexington got a first down on a Garrett scramble. Four consecutive Eagle passes were incomplete, due to pressure and miscommunications between quarterback and receivers.

Next came a play that makes Refugio “loved” by their opponents. With three minutes left in the game, and sporting a 21- point lead, the Bobcats ran a playaction pass to score, instead of running out the clock in a sportsmanlike manner.

London Jacob returned the kickoff five yards for the Eagles. Garrett completed the last two passes of his Eagle career to Zach Lay for three and eight yards. The passes were sandwiched around a 10-yard scramble by Garrett. Two more incomplete passes and the game and season was realistically over for the Eagles.

Lexington was outgained 405 to 249 in total yards. Both teams intercepted three passes. Jason Washington snagged two of the Refugio aerials. Kogan Garrett led the Eagles in rushing with 64 yards. Lexington actually led the Bobcats in time of possession 25:50 to 22:10

Unofficially, Eriq Mitchell and Tyler Meyer led the Eagles in tackles with six stops. Corey Strain had four and Logan Meuth, Kevin Letbetter, Todd Glass and Jason Washington had three stops. Washington had two interceptions for the Eagles, and Jamyon Scott had the third pilfer.

Refugio advances to the Regional Finals against East Bernard in San Marcos on Friday night.

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