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The Lexington ISD Board of Trustees

The Lexington ISD Board of Trustees met on Monday, November 19, 2012, and conducted a public hearing on FIRST (Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas). Twenty indicators were reviewed by the state, and LISD received a superior rating. There were no comments from the audience.

The public hearing was adjourned and the regular meeting of the LISD Board of Trustees was called to order by Phillip Brown, Board President. No one signed up for public comment.

Minutes of the regular meetings of September 17th and October 22nd, and the called meeting of November 5th were reviewed. The Board Financial Report - revenues and expenditures, a donation, levy roll, and Policy BED (Local) were reviewed. After discussion, the minutes were accepted for September and October, and the Consent agenda was approved for November.

The board approved the addition, revision and deletion of Local Policies in Update 95, as recommended by TASB Policy Service.

The Board discussed the concussion return to play protocol that is required when a student athlete is injured. Lexington has athletic trainers at all varsity games who evaluate the athlete and make the determination if a concussion is suspected. The athlete may not return to the athletic event until he/she is cleared by the licensed individual after a thorough examination is performed and the licensed individual releases the athlete to play. The board met in closed session to discuss further, and no action was taken in open session.

The UIL Implementation Information for Chapter 38, Sub Chapter D of the Texas Education Code and Lexington ISD’s Return to Play guidelines, established by the Concussion Oversight Team, were reviewed.

The Board reviewed and approved a waiver on campus pregnancy and related services. This waiver for Face to Face Pregnancy Related Services would waive the requirement that a homebound teacher serve a student in person at the student’s home or hospital bedside in order for funding to be generated. The waiver will provide individualized on-line instruction to LISD’S pregnant teens in the students’ homes when they are unable to attend school, and the student will be counted as present. It is believed that the waiver will benefit our pregnant students when they are unable to attend school.

The Board approved the resolution that the County Extension Agents employed by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service in Lee County serve as adjunct staff members for purposes of 4-H activities conducted during school hours.

A bus purchasing rotation plan was discussed. Currently, the plan provides for the purchase of two busses every three years. Sixty thousand dollars are budgeted every year to ensure the money is in the budget to address LISD’s transportation needs. No action was taken.

The student drug testing policy and procedures were discussed. Dr. McArthur reported that there is a possibility that students selected for random drug testing may test “presumptive positive” for medical reasons. In those cases the students’ parents may present a medical prescription, and the Medical Resource Officer (MRO) would declare that the presumptive positive test was caused by a medical reason. Typically, these students would not be retested; however, because LISD’s policy is so detailed regarding the consequences, these students would have to be retested for the next three random test dates unless additional language is added to local policy. Dr. McArthur recommended that the language of the policy be revised that if a student has a presumptive positive test and is able to provide medical prescriptions or documentation, and the MRO determines this to be the cause of the test result, these students will not have to be retested on the next three random testing dates.

After discussion, the board voted to approve the revision to FNF (LOCAL).

The board agenda for December was reviewed.

In her Superintendent’s report, Dr. McArthur discussed how state budget reductions have drastically impacted instruction. A report was compiled that indicates twentyeight positions have been reduced from 2009 until the present school year. Fifteen and a half positions have been reduced from secondary and five and a half positions have been reduced from elementary. Additionally, the district has reduced two central office positions, two bus drivers, one custodian, one maintenance worker, and one cafeteria worker. Coaching positions have gone from fifteen teacher/coaches and an athletic director/coach in 2009 to twelve teacher/coaches and an athletic director/coach in 2012.

A budget workshop was held in order to start the process of developing the budget for the 2013-2014 school year.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

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