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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

November 19, 2012

Deputy Crockett was dispatched to the intersection of FM 180 & CR 125. A motorist reported approx 5 cows out on the roadway.

A complainant reported that over the weekend someone cut and stole the wires that were connected to an air compressor. Deputy Allen responded to the scene and took a report.

A concerned citizen reported that a child was driving an electric cart down the middle of CR 308 near FM 696. The caller was concerned that the child would get hit by a vehicle. Deputy Carvin searched the area but advised the child was gone.

Deputy Carvin spoke to a complainant who wanted to make a report because she bought an iphone off Craig’s list, and when she connected the phone, she was advised that the phone could not be activated because it was stolen. The phone was returned to AT&T and investigation continues.

A caller reported that her boyfriend was suicidal and sent her a text telling her that he took a handful of pills. Deputy Liles and EMS responded to PR 1001 where the subject lives. The subject stated that he only took the amount of pills prescribed to him.

A motorist reported that there was a work truck on the side of the road on FM 180 @ CR 125 and it was on fire. No one was around the vehicle. Deputy Liles responded to the scene with Dime Box and Red Barn Fire Dept. A report was taken.

November 20, 2012

Deputy Skinner and Deputy Liles responded to a domestic disturbance on CR E in Lexington. The complainant reported that her boyfriend was throwing all her belongings out of the house. The argument was verbal only and both parties were separated for the night.

A motorist reported that he was behind a black car that was traveling westbound on Hwy 290 with no lights on. Deputy Liles searched for the vehicle, but advised they must have turned their lights on.

A caller reported that she passed an 18-wheeler that was pulled over on the side of the road on Hwy 77 @ FM 3403. The truck’s lights were off and the back doors of the trailer were wide open. Deputy Liles located the truck and advised everything was okay. They were installing wind deflectors.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call reporting cows out on CR 106. Deputy Skinner was dispatched and located the cows at the 1400 block of CR 106. The owner was notified.

Several motorists reported a male subject walking along Hwy 21 near CR 400 in Dime Box. The subject was walking on the road at times. Subject was located by Deputy Liles and Deputy Skinner and was given a courtesy ride to a gas station.

Deputy Skinner and Deputy Liles were dispatched to a family disturbance on PR 5000 in

Ledbetter. A caller reported that they were having a big family argument. Deputies reported that it was a verbal confrontation only and the two brothers involved would be staying in different homes for the night.

November 21, 2012

A complainant called and reported that she received a call from her neighbor advising that a male subject was walking near her residence on Hwy 21 in Dime Box. Subject was seen wearing a black and white jacket and was carrying some kind of bag. Deputy York located the subject and advised it was a local subject and gave him a courtesy ride to CR 414.

A motorist reported that he struck a deer that ran out in front of his vehicle on FM 2440. The deer was injured in the ditch and needed to be put down. Deputy Ledenbach was dispatched to the call.

Deputy York was dispatched to Precision Electric after a caller reported that her friend that works there called her and sounded like something was wrong. A male subject had walked in and was having trouble communicating. EMS was called and the subject was transported to a hospital.

Burleson County called and requested assistance in locating an 18-wheeler that hit a vehicle in their county and left the scene. The truck had just entered Lee County at the time of the call. Deputy Ray located both vehicles approx 1 mile inside Bastrop County. A trooper arrived on scene to make a report.

Several motorists reported that a vehicle ran off the roadway on Hwy 290 East near FM 180. The vehicle went through a fence. The driver got out of the vehicle and was not injured. Deputy Ray and Deputy Crockett assisted at the scene.

November 22, 2012

A complainant who lives on Scenic View Dr. in Lexington called and was upset because his neighbor was shining a light at his house. He has had problems with his neighbor for years and wants it to stop. Deputy Ray spoke to the subject and gave him some options.

Deputy Ayres responded to a one vehicle accident on FM 448 near CR 213. He assisted with traffic control until a trooper arrived.

A motorist reported that a vehicle was stalled in the eastbound outer lane of traffic on Hwy 290 approx 4 miles west of Giddings. Deputy York located the vehicle, but advised the owner had managed to get off the roadway. He was out of gas and had someone on the way.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to PR 4531 in Dime Box to speak to a complainant regarding terroristic threats he had received. He reported that he was visiting his mother and his brother showed up and was causing problems. A report was taken.

November 23, 2012

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from an alarm company regarding a residential alarm on CR 226. Deputy Rudolph checked all the doors and windows and found it secure.

Deputy Carvin did a welfare check at a residence on Hwy 290 West. A caller reported that he was worried about his brother because he had not heard from him in over a month. His brother was fine and was advised his brother was worried about him.

A caller reported a cow out on CR 114 near CR 111. Deputy Carvin located and removed the cow from the roadway.

November 24, 2012

A complainant called and reported that a vehicle pulled up in front of the post office in Lincoln and backed up next to the building. Deputy Skinner located the vehicle and reported they were having vehicle problems and used the light. All was ok and the vehicle left the area.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to CR 217 near Rabb’s Creek to remove cattle from the roadway.

A resident on PR 7711 reported that she was concerned because her neighbors were shooting guns and it sounded like something exploded. Deputy Rudolph spoke to the neighbors and advised they were shooting safely and also spoke to the complainant to let them know everything was ok.

A motorist reported that a dark blue F250 was traveling on Hwy 21 East and was swerving all over the roadway. Deputy Liles located the vehicle in Old Dime Box. The driver was checked and told to park and get some rest before traveling on.

November 25, 2012

Deputy Liles searched for a tan Silverado or Dodge truck that traveled into oncoming traffic on Hwy 21 near CR 326 in Lincoln.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call that there was smoke coming from a trailer house on PR 8004 in Dime Box. Deputy Liles and Deputy Skinner responded with the Dime Box Fire Dept. The heating unit was burning.

Deputy Rudolph was dispatched to check on a vehicle that was parked on CR 101. The vehicle was located and was secure and unoccupied with a flat tire.

Jail Count:

11/11/2012: 48 Males: 43 Females: 5

The annual Blue Santa Auction will be this Saturday December 1st, at the Circle W Restaurant starting at 5:00p.m. The Sheriff’s Office and Giddings Police Department are now taking names for the Blue Santa program. Good luck to the Lexington Eagles Friday night in the next round of the playoffs.

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