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Just a Thought.......

Rev. DaveFischer Rev. DaveFischer There is a phrase I hear that causes me to cringe. It is“Nobody is going to tell me what to do!” I get concerned because when I hear those words I know immediately that the person speaking has a problem with authority.

Now, before we go any further, I remind you of what you already know, I am no prima donna. Anybody who got eight speeding tickets in one year had a problem with authority!

Still, the phrase bothers me because it doesn’t work in the best of all worlds, and, it certainly does not work in Christian life.

In the best of all worlds, others “tell us what to do” because we take into consideration their feelings. Good marriages are just that because the inhabitants allow what they know about the other to “tell them what to do” to be more loving, more kind, more understanding.

In Christian life, God, through Jesus Christ, instructs us how to live. We do not value “doing our own thing” more than we value loving God. I want to go further and suggest that all loving acts are based on our knowledge of the needs of others and our willingness to allow that knowledge to guide our actions.

So, I close by asking you. Do you really want to live in a world where everyone lives only by what is the most advantageous for them?

It’s just a question, but the answer has enormous implications for all of our futures.

Rev. David Fischer, is Interim Pastor at First Christian Church in Lexington

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