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November 19, 2012
By Victor Gonzales, Lee County Game Warden

Several citations were written this past week in which each situation could’ve been avoided. Hunters must be aware of their surroundings and, above all else, seek and receive permission from the landowner or their agent.

The first involved an out of state hunter, who shot a legal buck on his neighbor’s side of the fence. After calling a friend to inquire about what he should do, he was instructed to cross the fence and retrieve the deer. When the neighboring landowner heard the shot and went to see what happened, he observed a blood trail leading from his property to an adjoining fence line. The hunter was cited for criminal trespass. For the record, one cannot cross any fence or property line to retrieve game without permission from the landowner.

The second involved a local hunter who failed to receive permission from the landowner prior to hunting. After shooting a buck the previous day, it was determined the buck was untagged. Citations were issued for untagged deer, operating an ATV on the public road and criminal trespass.

On Saturday evening, a landowner was working in his yard when a passenger car came by and shot at some deer grazing in an adjoining pasture. Witness statements are in the process of being completed and a vehicle description has just been reported. Investigation in progress.

I may be contacted at 979-540- 0194.

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