2012-11-15 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Two things, I have to brag that I am the only one to pick A&M to beat Alabama. The other was that when A&M hired Kevin Sumlin, I said I thought they might have made a mistake. Obviously, they got the hire very correct.

The Lady Eagle volleyball team had a great season. It is a shame it had to end before the state tourney.

The Eagles get a much needed bye this week for winning the district championship. The coaches will get to scout our next opponent when Poth plays Taft in George West. I wish I could collect the mileage on that trip.

Texas is having a renaissance of the season. Coach Mack is working with the defense and someone is coordinating the offense much better than earlier this season. I wonder if Major Applewhite has a hand in the changes. He saved Coach Mack’s rear more than once, and is a proven winner.

Now, about Dallas -- It looks like the Cowboys still have a heartbeat. They may be on life support, but they still have a heartbeat.

If they can make this run on the (weak) teams that are still on their schedule, they could still be playoff contenders. Yes, I said, they just may make it.

However, to do so, they’re going to have to develop more discipline on defense and avoid all the drive-sustaining penalties. You can’t give yards or points to your opponent and expect to win the game.

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