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Some Questions Raised About Voter Turnout

“Mathematicians would have noticed the discrepancy immediately. People only interested in the results – probably not.”

That’s what was said by many throughout the county last week, as the reported number of voters casting their ballots on November 6 didn’t “compute” with the total number of votes received by the two candidates running for the position of Lee County Sheriff.

The Leader reported that 6,110 people cast their votes in Lee County for the General Election. However, the total number of votes received for candidates running for Sheriff was 6,157, a difference of 47. In a time of heated contests and suspicious minds, this difference raised a few eyebrows.

So why was there a difference in the reported number of voters? A spokesperson for the Lee County Clerk’s Office said, “The numbers reported by their office on Tuesday night failed to include the total number of paper ballots received by the Clerk’s office, which would include mail-in ballots and limited ballots, both of which are tallied by hand, not electronically.”

According to the Clerk’s office, the total number of paper ballots received was 231, making the total number of ballots cast 6,341. Now the math works.

As of Tuesday morning, this week, there were still a few potential ballots not yet counted – those placed by mail from military and/or residents living abroad. The deadline to receive those ballots, and have them count in this year’s General Election, was Tuesday, November 13. The Clerk’s office estimated that there could be three ballots that would fall into that category.

Regardless, the Clerk’s office said the outcome of those elected will not change. The only change in the reported number of ballots cast is in the total number of voters.

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