2012-11-15 / Community News

Giddings Library News Corner

by Judy Belyeu

There are always new books coming in at the Giddings Public Library. Come in for a visit and check out these books. In Blood of the Reich critically acclaimed and bestselling author William Dietrich weaves two stories separated by place and time yet deeply intertwined by the dangerous secret they share. Black Site By Dalton Fury is a Delta Force novel. Delta Force operator Kolt Raynor seeks redemption by attempting the rescue of teammates he caused to be captured three years earlier, a mission that leads to his discovery of an Al Qaeda plot to take over a secret U. S. military prison.

The Chalk Girl by Carol O’Connell is another Special Crimes investigation by Kathy Mallory. She investigates the Central Park killing of a man whose body was discovered near his young niece. This was a case linked to a chilling series of murders stretching back fifteen years. All Necessary Force by Brad Taylor is a Pike Logan thriller where he and Jennifer Cahill find themselves in charge of a weapon of unprecedented destruction. The End of Everything by Megan Abbott is a haunting novel of a vanished girl and the best friend she leaves behind. Lizzie Hood thought she and her best friend Evie Verves shared everything, but Lizzie in her search for Evie uncovers secrets and lies that make her wonder if she knew her friend at all.

Death In High Places by Jo Bannister is a mystery novel about a friend who dies tragically during a dangerous climb on Anarchy Ridge. The surviving mountaineer is wrongly blamed for the accident and must run for his life from a vengeful mourning father.

We have coffee in the foyer. Be sure and have a cup before entering the library. The Library is open Monday - Friday, 10 to 6; and Saturdays 10 ‘til 1.

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