2012-11-08 / School

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

It is amazing how fragile fandom can be. Friday night at halftime I went to use the facilities. On the way there and back I heard, “Organ how are you going to write up this crud? These kids aren’t ready to play this team, and the coaches better do something to get us back in the game”. I did not answer, just listened or nodded. The real answer was, “Talk to me after the second half.” Those same questioners were cheering at the end of the game.

The Lady Eagles had a nice crowd following them in the playoffs. The fans got their money’s worth as it was an excellent match. with both teams making outstanding plays and both teams standing still watching the ball hit the floor. There was hustling of a miss- hit ball way out of bounds, returning it to play as a ‘free’ ball. It was a very enjoyable game, especially since we won.

The preseason predictions of the top teams in college football have long been tossed into the trash can, just like the Heismann favorites are changing from week to week. There is more parity in the game than there ever has been. Predicting who will win outside of Alabama is a difficult thing on a weekly basis.

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