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By Victor Gonzales, Lee County Game Warden

Even though a few bucks were reported at the local check station, opening weekend for most hunters wasn’t as good as they would’ve liked. Fog, rain, moon phase and natural food sources kept deer at bay. The food is beginning to play out, so the next few weeks should prove to be more productive.

The public really needs to be on the lookout for deer crossing the roadway right now. I avoided three separate deer/vehicle accidents three separate times on Saturday. The bucks bolted out from nowhere, which caused me to take evasive action. They crossed the road in two leaping bounds without as much as looking back.

I usually expect a fair amount of questions during the two day opener, but only received a dozen questions and three investigative calls. In those calls, two were unsubstantiated due to lack of information and one is pending further investigation.

Duck season also opened Saturday morning; this too, was not as productive. With the lake level down and lack of food sources, big ducks are continuing further south. Mixed limits of teal and gadwall were reported at Nails Creek State Park boat ramp. Three citations were issued for minor infractions.

Finally, if you decide to target shoot, please ensure you have an adequate backstop that won’t freak your neighbors out once the shooting begins. Safety, Safety, Safety!

I may be contacted at 979-540- 0194 to report illegal activity.

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